Newsflash: Inner Artist Does Happy Dance! :)

Safety Dance – Men Without Hats

Wow isn’t that just amazing, for me to use that word.


I’m happy. When was the last time I actually said that?
Funny how I just can’t remember.

But I am happy. And doing a happy dance about alot of things this week.

It seems like alot of circles have been coming full circle this week for me.
In my head, I am thinking about my career and life path and how many elemental things came back into my life.

Take my writing, for example.

Since I was a kid, I had so many teachers encourage me in my writing, with their praise and enjoyment of different things I wrote. Like the play I wrote in third grade. The short story I wrote about Martians for my very first Girl Guide’s badge – the writing badge, of course. Pretty much every single English teacher I had in high school encouraged me to dream and dream big, when it came to my writing. So, in my very first career path, I followed my dream to doing a Journalism degree in Concordia’s highly-rated Journalism program.

And then fast forward a few years, a decade or two, and go through quite a few career changes, until this moment now – which is me writing this blog entry. Writing, my first true love – yes this year I’ve gone back to you. And gone back to nurturing my creative self, that I had missed so much.

And then there is graphic design. When I chose it, it’s pretty funny, but I forgot how there was such a strong link to graphic design in my childhood as well.

When I was a kid, I messed around with paint and making things with my hands, and the other traditional art methods. And honestly – I sucked, for the most part. But it felt so good to create and try to bring the images out of my fertile imagination to life. And then one miraculous day, I discovered the art of the collage. This was way before I made my way to a computer. I’m not even sure how old I was when I made my first collage. But I found myself cutting interesting and odd images and words out of magazines and newspapers. And sticking them onto different kinds of paper and card stock. Even back then I loved the feel of textured paper. If I couldn’t find textured paper, I would ADD texture. I took my crayola crayons and ironed them onto looseleaf paper to make pretty funky colours. I picked up paper and crumpled it up and smoothed it down and crumpled it up and smoothed it down again. I recycled old duo-tags from high school essays. And with all this paper stock, I glued and taped on words, pictures, labels, ribbons, anything and everything. And voila- the-graphic-designer-to-be was born.

Which brings me to how I brought art back into my life this week and why I’m so happy.

Since I’ve been out of work for awhile, I was looking at a back to work transition program and stumbled across some art workshops offered at a local community center. So I signed up for a handful of course. Traditional art – making things with my hands again, like when I was a kid. Sculpture. Painting. Mixed media. I signed up for it all. And I can’t wait!

I haven’t taken a traditional art course since I was in seventh grade!

Oh and let me tell you – I had to sweat to pass that art course back then. Because honestly, I still sucked when it came to art. Oh I drew, but it was uninspired. And I was aware of that simple fact, even then. But I still loved it. Because it challenged me. And I loved the feel of working with my hands to create something. Too bad I couldn’t submit a collage for that course. But it was still fun and a lovely change from the mathematics and other logical courses I had to take.

So here I will be making things with my bare hands again. Digging back into the rich creative soil of my imagination. A few days a week, for the month of July. And maybe August, if I decide to continue. And boy am I psyched!

And since I’ve been on a physical trip, I also signed up again at my old gym downtown, where they greeted me like I was a Prodigal Daughter or something.

How fun it is to go back to my roots, in so many ways.

The circles are coming full circle.

And. I. am. SO. happy!



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