Manifesting Love

James Carrington ~ Ache

Well here is a little bit about an interesting part of my life: my lovelife. Funny, it’s something I rarely talk about, but it’s there.

I made a decision this week that I will manifest what I truly want in this area – love.

So, I’ve been reading books and things while I thought about just what exactly I wanted to manifest.

You know so many of these self-help books go on and on about the baggage that women have and common mistakes they make, and it’s just not me. I’m not in denial about the baggage I do have, it’s just different from the usual stuff I’m reading here.

In relationships, I was never the clingy, needy, suffocating type who would call a guy 20 times a day just to hear his voice.  No. I always liked having my own space & plenty of it. I always encouraged guys I dated to go hang out with their buddies, because I like my own private alone time, and yes, hanging out with friends and doing stuff like organizing many activities in town for my websites. I actually had one ex-boyfriend tell me I was more like a guy, in the way I liked having my own space. It’s just the way I am.

Yes, I am a very out-going person who chats a lot with people and I’m very friendly and like to put people at ease. I would actually prefer to listen to people than talk about my own stuff.  Well, even though I am very sociable, I definitely have my private side as well. So I like to balance it all out when I can – go out and hang out with people, and then sometimes just spend time at home with my own company. I never get bored when left to my own devices.

So here I am having decided to reboot my love life. So I put an ad up again on a very well-known dating site. And signed up for the next party. Because even though I have many different things going on in my life (which is quite hectic right now), I want to find that certain someone special.

So who do I want to find?

Someone who is kind and a good person. Someone who makes me laugh and who likes to make jokes in a good way – not at another’s expense. Someone smart and sharp who likes to read and is maybe into geeky things like techie stuff. Someone who is a people person, who can hold their own in a conversation. Someone who likes to give hugs. Someone to make me smile. Someone to hold my hand. Someone who wants to find love. Someone who wants a relationship.

Basic no?

Well, let’s see what the seeds I’ve sown manifest.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 😉

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