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Strange Cravings In the Night

Tonight, I have this strange craving all of a sudden.

I’m craving a cigarette – real bad.
Now that is SO weird for me, on so many levels.

The last time I smoked was maybe exactly, ten years ago.

During the last of my university days, while I was a nervous student studying for finals. Well, one of my friends smoked (which was a rare thing in itself – I almost never had friends that smoked), and I started bumming ciggies off her once in awhile. And then I started buying my own packs. But I wasn’t much of a smoker, for the brief period of time that I did smoke back then. Must have been for about 2 whole months. I would buy a pack and it would last a week, with ciggies left over. The pack would go stale – just to show you how long it took for me to get through it.

Anyhoo, back in those days my biggest peer pressure were friends telling me NOT to smoke. And when my dad found out that I smoked – boy did he ever go through the roof. He literally gave me daily lectures about smoking until the day I quit.

And then one day I decided to quit. Funny how the details of that last hour that a cigarette was in my hands stayed in my head.

I was walking along de Maisonneuve street, across from Concordia’s Hall building almost to Guy metro, when I ran into this guy in front of the old Multimag store (where they opened a new Thai resto recently it seems).

Now I thought this guy was maybe a panhandler about to ask me for some cash, although he didn’t look too bad. Didn’t have that complete “street” look to him yet. But much to my surprise he had a different pitch to give me when I stopped to listen to him.

So I just happened to be the first smoker to cross his path (and I was literally smoking my last cigarette – I had sworn to myself it would be the last one) right when HE had decided he was giving up smoking. So he came up to me and BEGGED me to take his last pack of cigarettes because he had to give it up. I explained that I didn’t want it, that I was having my own last smoke. But he told me he was putting his pack down (on some pole or something nearby) and that I could take it – he would just leave it there. And he walked away.

Well, I was just amazed at the timing of this thing. I mean, what could be a clearer sign that I needed to quit?  Oh I guess this would have been a good entry for my synchronicity blog…lol

So I smoked my last smoke and managed to walk away from the siren song of a free pack of fresh smokes and called a friend and told her. Well, she was a big champion of the anti-smoking campaign and said GOOD. She certainly was happy to hear I quit and heeded the signs as well.

And I never had a smoke after that. Although I’ve had the odd craving over the years.

So why am I craving a smoke right now??

These days I am SO not a fan of smoke. I find it hard to be near smoke from cigarettes and the like, most of the time.

But I am craving it.

Hmmm where are those baby carrots when you need them??


When Fiction Transects Real Life

I just had a moment today.

You know when something so unexpected, something so delightful, and so seemingly small in significance yet so joy-bringing happens to you…

And you…just….feel….dizzy?

Oh boy did I have a moment like that today.

On a website far far away, my path crossed with something out of my dreams.

Do you have a favorite author that you follow, not just occasionally read a book or two, but spend years searching the internet for volumes of their work because their writing is so addictive, so well-done, so incredibly different and unique from anything else you’ve read in your life?  With the kind of characters that you really wish you could meet and greet like old friends in your every day life?

Well, that’s what happened to me.

I stumbled upon such an author, that I never even imagined coming across ever, didn’t even occur to me to try to write to…but just thought I would forever savour every little morsel of her writing.

And when I stumbled across this author (who would be so obscure to so many people on this planet – a rare jewel of a find I found years ago), I sent her a message. And she wrote back! She wrote me back THE SAME DAY. Within minutes. And SHE WAS SO NICE! Just like an ordinary mortal like you and me…wow!

But it gets better, this little story and little moment of mine.

Because on that website far far away, I had started a writer’s group months ago. One that grew until it now contains 219 members today. That’s 219 WRITERS all in ONE place.

And today, this famous author that I admire so much – with one click,  decided to join my writer’s group, on that website. Without even a prompting from me.

Can I even describe how that made me feel?

It’s like a kid who discovers Santa is REAL.

Oh happy day!

I still feel dizzy.

Video Montage: The Flow
Following the flow of the universe, with a photo montage I created. The song is "Twisted Hair" by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble, featuring the sublime operatic voice of Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sings over the sound of crickets.
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