Do No Harm

I was shocked down to my core tonight.

On my way home from work, I witnessed a beating in the metro,
in our local subway system.

I don´t know if someone was singled out for a particular reason.Or if it was just a random thing. It just did not make any sense.

I was talking to a police officer later and as he took down the report, he asked me a question that just made me stop and think.

He asked me if I would be willing to testify.

Those words hurtled me years back in time, with another police officer and another police report.

You see years ago I was a victim of a crime.
There were many people who witnessed it.
People that I knew.

And not one of them stepped forward.
Not one of them was willing to testify.

I remember a friend of mine being so angry that none of them were willing to come forward and she told she wished she had been a witness because she would have testified on my behalf.

But I couldn´t blame them, any of them.


Because I understood their fear.
Because it was my fear.

The experience of navigating our local justice system, the police stations and courtrooms, made me a bit wiser to the ways of life, I believe.

I became a bit tougher inside, as a result I know.

When it comes to physical violence, emotional and psychological abuse,and harassment off all kinds, I have no tolerance.


Whether the harm is aimed at me or others, I simply won´t tolerate it.

Because it´s simply not acceptable.

Over the years, I´ve had many people turn to me for help, who were dealing with difficult situations, and I always did my best to stop the harm to them from continuing.

As someone who organizes group activities in town, I´ve always kept a careful eye on the welfare of the people in my groups. Some people have been very angry with me because of what they say is the strict membership rules I have for my groups.

But those rules are there for a reason – to protect the members of my groups from harm.

As best as I can.

There was one incident sometime ago, where someone was harassing women within our activities. I removed that person so that people could attend my events freely, with no worries.

I have no tolerance for such things.

There are many who perpetuate violence or who harm others who may apologize or have a vast range of excuses.

I am sure many battered wives in the world have heard those excuses.

I say to those who regret their actions, this:
If you are truly sorry, than stop what you did in the past.

Just stop.

And go forth, and do no harm.

My answer to the police officer tonight:
Yes, I will testify.

Someone needs to stand up for the victims.

3 Responses to “Do No Harm”

  1. 1 Anime Black April 3, 2009 at 3:03 am

    Unfortunately there are some dangerous people out there. However, I think the majority of people out there are those that do “stand up for the victims”.

    Although, sometimes I do with there would be an actual super-hero out there, to clean up the streets.


  2. 2 animablue April 3, 2009 at 3:28 am

    You have a point there, Frank.
    Where is Batman when you need him? 🙂

    But you know, as for people standing up?
    There was a whole subway car filled with witnesses & people sitting in the other subway cars, & standing on the platforms…

    I was the only person to go up to see if the guy who was attacked was OK.

    The people in the subway that pulled out could have stopped the train in its tracks and called for help.
    But they didn´t.

    Makes me wonder how often people DO step forward, you know?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,
    Anima Blue

  3. 3 Anime Black April 6, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    I agree with you Anima.

    This reminds me of an experiment by one of my favourite psychologists, Darley & Latane, with the “Bystander Effect”.

    Look into that, it is very interesting, and will give you some explanation into what happened on that train.

    It just takes on person to intervene and then everyone else will.

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