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Friendship, Light and Appreciation

“What is to give light must endure burning. ”
~ Viktor Frankl

I was thinking this week about mistakes. I made some mistakes and did some things I wasn’t happy I did and was just looking at the why of it.

Some people when you make mistakes are not kind and attach a label to you. But that doesn’t belong to me.

I’m focused on me and accepting that I’m human. I’m happy to close a very small part of a chapter, and to simply heal and forget. To relearn to appreciate myself and all that I am and the goodness in me, the goodness that comes out of being an imperfect human being.

A great friend told me a great thing. How I was a great person and to look at all the friends in my life who appreciate the light that shines within me and are happy that I share it with others. And that’s what I did. Thought about all the great and amazing friends and friendships in my life.

It made me think of a birthday party I went to recently. I was a bit sad and just wanted to be around some positive people. And I had a such a great time. It was something so simple. To see great people who I hadn’t seen in  awhile and see how happy they were to see me. All those people who appreciate the light in me. The people who have such a light of their own as well. And meeting friends of friends who I was happy to meet and who were happy to meet me too.

It’s funny I never know what people in the blogosphere may think when they come across my blog. I write thoughts that I feel to need to share with the world and set them free out here in my blog.

Recently, someone wrote me to let me know that something I wrote in my blog had touched them and resonated, and that it comforted them in their own journey. That was a wow moment to me. To have impacted someone like that in some small way. That sharing my journey can enrichen someone’s else path. That was a blessing in my day, to hear that. What a remarkable thing. And how wonderful life is that it brings such moments and such people in my life. Sometimes from the most unexpected sources.

My goal right now is to simply appreciate my life and everything in it, and everyone in it. To appreciate my self, with my many flaws, but also inner goodness. To appreciate the person I am today, in this moment.

Every lesson in life has a blessing in it.


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