Acts of Kindness, The Akoha “Read A Blogger, Feed a Blogger” Mission and

My friends who know me may have noticed I have been mentioning a little thing called “Akoha” a lot lately. It’s a social reality game that has just got me hooked.

How would you like to play a game where you do nice things for people (called Missions…sounds kind of fun & spy-like no? lol), earn karma points, and have friends “play it forward”, by doing nice things for other people in return?

Well then, welcome to Akoha!
That’s what is all about.

Oh and here is another neat thing about Akoha:
What if playing a game could make the world a better place?

Playing Akoha missions can be fun and meaningful. As part of the Akoha  play testing phase, Akoha has adopted a school project with Room to Read. After the Akoha community completes 25,000 missions, Akoha will sponsor a Room to Read school in Nepal on behalf of the Akoha player community. Now your completed missions can not only lead to everyday adventure, but also benefit a great cause.

So far I’ve introduced a few people to Akoha and have been having fun racking up karma points in many different ways.

But one of the most fun Akoha “Missions” I’ve done to date, involved taking my good friend and fellow Meetup Organizer Evelyne, out to lunch with the “Read A Blogger, Feed a Blogger” Akoha Mission.

Since Evelyne’s Cheap Ethnic Eatz blog is one of my favorite blogs, who better to invite out to lunch than a foodie blogger? 🙂

Evelyne and I went to Los Clásicos, a very tasty and affordable Mexican restaurant on St. Laurent, in Montreal. We feasted on tasty guacamole (that I had been craving a lot lately), and tasty tacos filled with chicken and porc and other wonderful things. It was a lovely place. Homey décor with soft Spanish music playing in the background. Since we went for lunch, the place was pretty quiet. It was a great lunch, with great company.

Cheap Ethnic Eatz is a blog as well as a Meetup Group, that meets on a regular basis to sample cheap and ethnic meals in the Montreal area. I am a proud member of this enormously popular cheap and ethnic meals group that Evelyne had started some time ago. The Cheap Ethnic Eaters are a happy gang of foodies where I’ve met some awesome people and made some good friends, while trying an array of tasty places in town.

Evelyne’s Cheap Ethnic Eatz blog grew out of her Cheap Ethnic Eatz Meetup Group and it’s where she (and other guest bloggers) have posted restaurant reviews of places tried by the group, along with tasty recipes and other entertaining food-related subjects that Evelyne blogs about on a regular basis.

I had a great time interviewing Evelyne about her Cheap Ethnic Eatz blog and group, and videotaping it for the “Read A Blogger, Feed a Blogger” Akoha Mission, to share it with the Akoha, Meetup, and internet Communities.

So enjoy watching Evelyne in our video and buen provecho, food lovers!

Anima Blue 🙂

5 Responses to “Acts of Kindness, The Akoha “Read A Blogger, Feed a Blogger” Mission and”

  1. 1 cheapethniceatz November 25, 2009 at 12:34 am

    Hello Aurora,

    What a great blog. I want to thank you for 4 things:

    1. Thank you for introducing me to Akoha. I did sign up and although I have been a bit pressed for time I will do it occasionally. I really like the concept of spreading good deeds.

    2. Thank you so much for a fabulous lunch and I am so sorry we could not stay there for hours on end. The food was spectacular, almost as good as the company 😉

    3. Thank you for choosing me and spreading the good word about my group. I love to have the dinner group and blog involved for such a good Karma cause.

    4 And most important of all….thank you for being my friend. You have been a a most wonderful addition to my life since we bonded and a shining light of fun, camaradery, a shoulder to crying/bitch on, lots of naughty talk and I would not have it any other way.


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