Alchemy, Courage and Compassion

The holidays taught me a lot this year about those three things:
Alchemy, Courage and Compassion.

I spent much of my days these past few weeks turning lead into gold.

That is, taking things not so shiny and happy, and transforming them into blessings and inspiration. Everything we are given in life is a blessing. Even when things are taken away from us, we learn something positive in the experience.

One thing I have thought a lot about is not to take anything in life for granted. Not objects, not loved ones, not friends or other insubstantial things. Not even insights.

Sometimes when the static and noise is all taken away from our world, that is when things are illuminated and are transformed into gold.

 The holidays were filled with silence for me, on many levels.

The silence came as a surprise, was not something I neither planned nor expected. But in the end it was a gift beyond reckoning. Because it came with the gift of clarity and understanding. Understanding of myself and my life.

 My path was crossed with so many glimpses of courageous people, during the holidays, as well. People having a tough time, people fighting the odds, people looking for warmth and heat and safety. People looking for kindness in the midst of darkness.

And some of those people were kind and generous to me. And some of them thanked me for my kindness. All of it was not of a material worth. But just those little moments when someone acknowledges your presence and when you see/notice another soul. A soul crossing, if you will.

At times I felt overwhelmed by these little compassionate moments. Looking at the world and how tough it is and the people still shining with their souls in the midst of it all.

For many people, maybe most, maybe not, the holidays are filled with a bounty for the senses: food, friends, happy moments, abundance and spiritual warmth.

But there are so many other lost and lonely souls who feel alone during this time of year. Lost beyond the material needs of food and shelter. But lost in the sense that for some they have nothing and no one who even notices their presence.

And so I spent my holidays noticing some of these lost souls and talking to them.
Just as they spoke with me as well.

It’s simply amazing how one small sharing moment can make a difference in someone’s heart. And can lift up their soul.

Just one kind gesture. That’s all it takes.
This holiday season I was on both the receiving and giving end of that.

And what a difference such a small thing makes.

Spiritual food for thought.

1 Response to “Alchemy, Courage and Compassion”

  1. 1 Claudia January 3, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    Great blog Anima. As Steve Maraboli says: “The Power of One: * One Kind Gesture * One Person at a Time!” So much goes on during the Holidays that we often miss out on what’s most important… and often if you listen hard enough you’ll notice that amidst all that wonderful noise, food, gifts etc… there is an incredible void. Good for you for going out there and making a difference.

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