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Get Up and Dance With The Sun

I always thought I just wasn’t a morning person.

Even when I was young, my family knew not to go too near me before my first morning coffee.

But lately, I’ve been bouncing out of bed with some strange new energy and urge:

The urge to dance dance dance!

I’ve discovered the bestest morning work-out ever, that charges up both my brain and body.

Turn up some dance music and off we go, bopping, sliding, reaching, stretching, singing, tapping, swaying, and everything in between.

And it’s so much fun!

Like starting your day with a party. A VIP party where you are the only guest and you babeeeee are a *STAR*.

Oh it feels sooooooo good to move. To dance dance and dance.

It puts a smile on my face, even before the morning caffeine fix.

And I go off to start my day with the greatest grin on my face.

Toes and fingers tap tap tap tapping away.

Sometimes I want to burst out loud with laughter on my daily  commute, ‘cause my toes and fingers are tapping and everyone can see that I’m *not* wearing any headphones. That’s right folks, *the music is playing inside my head*. Hee hee! Too funny!

But it’s too much fun, this. Getting up and dancing with the sun. Dancing with the world.

Hello Sun! Hello World! Look at me…I’m dancing! Dancing with happiness, with the happiness of being alive one more fine day.

Get up and dance with the sun too, dear reader.

It will add some sunshiney sunshine feeling to your day.

Gw’ on. I dare ya! 😉


Get Crazy

“You are the best. You are the worst. You are average. Your love is a part of you. You try to give it away because you cannot bear its radiance, but you cannot separate it from yourself. To understand your fellow humans, you must understand why you give them your love. You must realize that hate is but a crime-ridden subdivision of love. You must reclaim what you never lost. You must take leave of your sanity, and yet be fully responsible for your actions.”
-Gnarls Barkley, in a letter to the legendary rock critic Lester Bangs


Thank you Mr. Gnarls Barkley, for a mind-blowing inspirational video, and quote that got me thinking this morning.

We DO need to get crazy. Not some time, not maybe later. But NOW.

We need to get crazy with love. With giving love and walking away with expecting nothing from no one in return. That’s the true nature of love.

We need to forget our sanity because sanity has nothing to do with love or feeling in the moment. When it’s all said and done, you just can’t analyze love, stick it in a box, and say that – that’s it, that’s what love is. It just IS. It breathes. It reaches out. It feels.

We need to get crazy like our heroes. Heroes don’t analyze everything to death. They are out doing things. They are out living by the courage of their convictions. They are having doors slammed in their faces when they reach out with love. Oh later yes, later, they become the Dalai Lamas and Maya Angelous and Martin Luther Kings that everybody begins to quote and listen to. But once upon a time they each walked the earth and dealt with that resistance from the controlling, sane over-analyzing critics.

But they each had a dream. And so do I. And so do you, deep inside.

The question is: Are you ready to become crazy and start living your dream?

Life, life has a way of stopping you in its tracks and reminding you to live sometimes.

For me, it was fighting chronic pain and health problems all year long. But that got real tired at one point.

So I decided to become crazy. Because I wanted to LIVE MY LIFE. As simple as that. So I’ve been going out and doing a few things that has raised a few eyebrows. Like dating a few younger men. Well, so what? My energy is telling me to go out and do stuff. Why should I be afraid? What is the point. My over-analyzing of life never brought me a moment of joy, so I’ve decided to put that part of me to the side. Gently but firmly.

So I am getting and going crazy with life. Starting my day at 7 AM by putting on some dance music and dancing my heart out. Before my morning caffeine fix, no less!

And going out and talking to people and reaching out to different people I am curious about. Talking to people, about the stories behind their tattoos and where they dream of going one day, if money was no object.

Things like that.

Hope you decide to get crazy today too.  🙂

Video Montage: The Flow
Following the flow of the universe, with a photo montage I created. The song is "Twisted Hair" by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble, featuring the sublime operatic voice of Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sings over the sound of crickets.
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