Wild Crazy Gypsy Soul Wanderlust

from Emir Kusturica’s Black Cat, White Cat

There is something about crazy gypsy stories and movies that I love.

Whether it be any of the zany dark comedies of Emir Kusturica’s mad-cap genius, the aching musical soul of Latcho Drom, or the hilarious documentary of a crazy gypsy town in The Shutka Book of Records.

Why do I like gypsy stories so much?

Maybe because they are so incredibly colourful, inside and out.
Maybe because they have so much heart, and you can feel that heart in the way they tell their stories.

Maybe because I have a touch of the crazy gypsy in me, seeing life as the absurdly funny thing it is – and know sometimes we need to just laugh, and not take it too seriously.

And maybe it’s because of the wanderlust I share with them, even though my feet have not been straying so far these past few years.

But oh my feet, they do stray and itch for the road calling me.
Probably why I find myself taking so many moonlit walks in the middle of the night.

The night has always called me, even when I was a kid.

No worries though, my friends.
I take safe walks.

My wanderlust has been known to strike me in the oddest moments.
And then oh then, I just to get up and walk out into the wide blue yonder, and see what’s calling me out there.

There’s so much and so many things that I find, with my wanderlust.
It could be the laugh of a stranger as we both get pelted by the rain.
Or sometimes it’s thoughts about the meaning of life and my place in the universe.

But sometimes it’s only the sound of my own heartbeat, my heart beating.
That feeling of being alive. And being grateful for being alive.

That’s what’s so great about crazy gypsies.
They are so….alive!

Feel like going for a moonlit night in the middle of the night right now.
Be back later, folks.

Anima Blue 😀

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