random brain blink

A fellow blogger friend of mine reminded me of something today.

How great it is to blog spontaneously and let whatever ideas you have in your head just fly out. Well you know it’s been awhile since I did that – so here goes.

My brain has been crunching so very many images and dreams lately. Fragments stewing…leading me…somewhere. Sometimes I just need to dump them out of my inner matrix. Ha matrix! Yeah there’s a word that stuck with me from tonight’s book reading I attended.

I have an inner matrix. Oh yes. It’s more William Gibsonesque than the Matrix movies.

There are half-lives of strange new life forms germinating and percolating there. Seas of woulda-coulda-shoulda that *maybe* will just *be* one day.

Makes me wonder just who am I?

In some ways I know exactly who I am. I know what I dream of, what touches me, what feeds my soul.

But in other ways I am like so much clay. A dough-girl tumbling and tumbling with so many possibilities. I am still a kid at heart, no matter my physical age. I recently had an argument with a friend’s daughter about that…she thought I was nuts when I told her I was a kid too…lol

Ah kids. Gotta love em.

It’s funny how I always get an urge to blog really late at night. Would be oh so much more sensible to do so in the day. But the muse arrives when she arrives. Fashionably late, as always.

There is so much I want to yet do with my life. So many more creative projects.

Like my dream of the non-profit I want to start in Montreal. It’s been about 10 years I’ve been dreaming about that one.

Oh and the books I want to finish writing and publish. At last count, there are now hmmm about four of them. Started yet another new one in the Spring, wrote about 10 chapters and then stopped. Sometimes I wish my attention span didn’t wander so easily.

Ah well, such is life.

It’s kinda like all the blog projects I’ve started. So many! Four are listed on this one, under my blog links. But I have about four others in the blogosphere. They all contain various visions and part of me.

Well, think it’s time to head home and embrace Morpheus once again.
So elusive Mister Morpheus. We shall see.

Later, folks.

2 Responses to “random brain blink”

  1. 1 CP October 14, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    Love it.. can relate!

  2. 2 The Editor October 15, 2010 at 10:43 am

    Bravo 🙂

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