A Funny Whack From An Umbrella

Sometimes we need a good whack from a stranger’s umbrella to remind us how great it is to laugh.

As I was riding the metro today, running here & there & everywhere to get things done as usual, I remembered a funny moment I had in the metro a little while ago and it made me smile.

I was riding the metro one day, minding my business as usual. The metro car was packed with bodies and everyone looked harried, tired and in a hurry to get to wherever they were headed.

And there was a woman who sat down next to me with a bright, sturdy, purple umbrella, made with canvas and bamboo. It actually looked exactly like an umbrella my sister had for years, which made me notice it to begin with.

Suddenly the umbrella slipped from the woman’s hands and whacked me on the leg. Just a tap, no pain at all. And the woman’s face looked horrified that her umbrella had hit me.

Just spontaneously I cracked up and laughed out loud. I don’t know why I thought I thought it was so funny, but it was just kind of a silly image of an umbrella making a getaway that stuck in my head.

And the woman looked like she thought (and expected) that I would be upset, like fellow commuters do, when you accidentally jostle a stranger on the metro, on a commute. And she was so surprised by my laugh that she cracked up too.  🙂

So I shared a laugh with a totally random, umbrella-carrying stranger, on a long metro ride, and you know what – it felt good.

Why do people get upset over the small things in life anyway?

Finding the humour in any given situation is like finding a secret stash of treasure.

Works for me.

Oh and I love the Rihanna song too.

Anima Blue 😀

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