Pattern Recognition, The Gift of Fear & Intuition

I’ve been thinking about pattern recognition lately. You see, I happen to have a knack for it.

One thing you might not know about me is that I read tarot cards & have been reading tarot cards for years. I would say being able to read tarot cards boils down to pattern recognition, mixed in with intuition, and an empathic feel of different people’s energies.

People have different views on tarot cards. I (and this blog) am not here to change your views on that. I would say if you are reading my blog to begin with, that you would most likely have an open mind in general. Just a hunch.

Tarot cards are just pieces of cardboard if you don’t have some intuition and/or knack for recognizing patterns. It’s actually linked partly to my analytical abilities, I would say for myself personally. I can spot patterns in the middle of chaos for so many different things. From looking at a business to see how it could be run more efficiently. To understanding the psychology of human behavior, with a variety of wants and needs. Sometimes patterns are obvious. Sometimes I can pluck something seemingly out of the blue.

There is a particular energy to reading tarot cards. Energy you sense about people and about the cards themselves. Sometimes (very rarely) I will get a sense that I really don’t want to read for a person. Now anyone who knows me knows I am far from being a judgmental person. But there are rare times when a person’s energy just feels “off” or “wrong”. I have always turned out to be right, when it happens in that context.

I saw that “off” energy recently with a person who had emailed me about having a reading done. Now the person had written only a line or two in the email, but I had the feeling their energy was off. I replied back to her questions and did eventually do a tarot reading for her. That same persistent negative feeling was there in person. And was confirmed with an email I received from them, the day after.

That incident reminds me of a couple of things. One is about a book that is worth it’s weight in gold to any woman who lives in a big city: The Gift of Fear, by Gavin De Becker. Why is this book so great for women? Well it teaches you how you can tap into your own intuition to notice the environment around you and avoid certain dangers.

We all have a survival instinct. You know that feeling when you feel someone around you might be bad news? There is a reason why you should listen to that little voice. That little voice is the gift of your fear that is sensing microscopic clues in the world around you that says DANGER HERE. I know this to be true, as after I read De Becker’s book, I started paying attention and boy did it work.

Let me illustrate this with a vivid example.

One day I was in the subway, waiting for the metro to arrive with a friend of mine. A man came up to us and asked us how to get to Jean Talon station. Invisible alarm bells started going off in my head. It turns out, I was right about a danger being there. How?

  1. As we gave him directions to the stop, I saw he was NOT listening to what we were saying. He was staring at both me and my friend and checking us out. You could tell by where his eyes were wandering.
  2. He then asked us if we spoke French. My instinct told me to lie and I said NO, we did not speak French. He continued to speak to us in French, trying to get us to admit we were lying. Now why would a TOTAL STRANGER WALK UP TO YOU & TRY TO CATCH YOU IN A LIE?
  3.  So basically this stranger was there for a reason he was NOT revealing to us (his ask of directions was a LIE) and he tried to catch us in a LIE. What was he up to??

When I saw he was trying to catch us in a lie, I decided then and there this was a potentially dangerous person with bad intentions and there was no reason to be engaged in conversation with him. So I walked away from him and the conversation. Luckily, my friend followed me. She had no clue as to why I walked away so abruptly, but I soon let her know.

She walked up to me and asked what was up, why I walked away. All I said to her was one thing: “Watch where that guy goes now.”

Do you know what we saw?

The man walked away from the platform that would take him (and us) in the direction where he claimed he was going. He walked up and out of the subway!

Now how did I know he would do this?

My spidey senses must have noticed him following us, as we were heading down the stairs of the subway. I knew he was there for the sole reason of following us. He spoke to us with a fake question just to get a conversation started. He tried to get me to admit I was lying. THIS WAS A COMPLETE STRANGER.

Now what woman would want this stranger to follow her home? You could just imagine the consequences of that.

My friend was stunned by how I had figured out the man was up to no good. But we all have this intuitive ability. You just need to learn how to tap into it.

Intuition about people can also be a very positive – and powerful – experience.

So I’ll tell you a small story with a happy ending. 🙂

I love watching people, especially in crowded areas – the subway, shopping malls, walking down the street. I pick up so much on people’s energies that way, always careful to ground myself.

One day I was having a coffee in the food court of a shopping mall. A woman who was part of the mall’s cleaning crew was way off in the distance & she caught my attention somehow. Literally hundreds of people were passing by her without noticing her at all. She was quietly picking up trays, throwing garbage out & cleaning the tables. I could tell by looking at her that she took pride in her work. She was very meticulous and put lots of energy in her work. I sensed a very positive energy around her, even though she was far away from me and I smiled as I watched her work for a moment. I thought about how difficult her work must be and she was not young. For all those people rushing around she was simply invisible. They didn’t notice or appreciate the work she did. But I did. And in that moment, I sent her some positive energy with my thoughts. And then I went back to reading my book.

A little while later I looked up when I heard someone talking to me. It was the same lady! With a smile, she asked me if I had finished with my tray. Now I didn’t see her ask anyone else that question. She would simply wait until they were finished and walked away, leaving the trays behind. So I looked at her and smiled a special soulsmile and said she could take it and I said “thank you very much!” Her smile in return told me that she appreciated that little thank you. How many thank yous did she ever hear in her job? Very few. I am sure.

It’s funny how she came up to me, when she had been working very far away. I think she might have sensed me from far away, as I had sensed her. And we both recognized something positive in each other. It was a special moment. One I won’t forget.

Intuition sure can be a powerful thing, in many ways.

Food for thought,
Anima Blue 🙂

2 Responses to “Pattern Recognition, The Gift of Fear & Intuition”

  1. 1 Hannah April 22, 2011 at 2:37 am

    I just started reading the book “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin de Becker for a class I’m taking. Granted I’m only a senior in high school, I’ve always been a strong person; physically, mentally, as well as my personality. I’m not but twenty pages in and have become very interested on the topic. I agree with him and believe that, as a human race, we should pay attention to and value fear more than we do. Everyone thinks of fear as a weakness or a bad thing. In reality, it goes hand in hand with intuition, and intuition or instinct is built into us as we have evolved. We all want to be the strongest, the best, the smartest. We are always trying to be better than someone else. Life is a competition, and survival is the key. People should become more aware of all the possible good and bad things so that as a society we don’t dismiss fear as a weakness, but look at is as a strength. =]

  2. 2 hmfeeney11 April 22, 2011 at 2:56 am

    I was the one who left the comment with a name as Hannah =] I wasn’t signed in. Sorry about that!!!

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