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100 Blessings

I often like to think about my blessings. Recently, I was inspired to write about my blessings due to a little game called “Akoha” that I like to play. You can read about a fun Akoha mission I blogged about here: Acts of Kindness, The Akoha “Read A Blogger, Feed a Blogger” Mission and

What is Akoha? Well, it comes from a little Montreal start-up website called It’s evolved into different stages. It began as an idea of doing random acts of kindness called “Missions”, and playing it forward to other people, who continued to do good in the world. Today, Akoha describes itself this way: “Akoha offers real-world activities for you to discover life’s special moments, capture them, and share them with friends.”

Well, recently I hit a landmark of having completed “100 Akoha Missions”. And I had created a special Mission on Akoha called “100 Akoha Missions” , where Akohans do something special to commemorate hitting this special achievement.

Which is what inspired this blog.

What would be better to celebrate my 100th Akohan Mission than a blog about 100 blessings? 🙂 Akoha is all about appreciating the small moments in life…and so here are my 100 blessings, that I am grateful for.

100 Blessings

1. my spirituality, my belief in the meaning of life, the universe, a Higher Being, God.
2. my life, every day that I live it.
3. my 5 senses, that take in information and process it every day.
4. the food and drink I have to nourish myself every day
5. the shelter I have in my home
6. my body, that functions and carries me through-out each day
7. my sense of humour, that reminds me not to “sweat the small stuff” and fills my life with laughter and fun
8. my sense of adventure and open spirit, that makes me so curious to learn about different lands and people and cultures and belief systems
9. my joie de vivre, which literally gives me joy out of my life
10. my dreams and hopes, that lead me to imagine great things
11. my optimism, which makes me see the positive in everything
12. my compassion and empathy, which leads me to understand and help people in suffering and living difficult situations
13.  my ever-evolving wisdom and knowledge, that brings me the gifts of lessons learned and further understanding about the world we live in and the people around us
14. my loved ones, the friends and family and lovers I have known, who have blessed my life with their presence in so many ways
15. the loved ones who have passed away, who blessed my life while they walked the earth and who still live in my heart every day of my life
16. the people who have crossed my path, the ones who shared something with me, the ones who made me think, the ones who brought a message I needed to learn
17. the difficult life lessons and moments in my life, that made me grow as a person and made me stronger
18. the earth that I walk on every day
19. the blue sky’s air that I breathe every day
20. nature, with its breath-taking, inspiring and calming beauty that awes me
21. the whispering trees that remind me to breathe in the moment
22. the animals of the earth, dogs and cats and all, who remind me of the beautiful simplicity of life
23. babies and kids, who make me look at the world with eyes filled with questions and make me smile and laugh
24. the citylife and its exciting adrenalin rush
25. the sun’s rays and sunshine that warms my skin and makes me want to stretch and walk
26. the soft rain that falls down to clean everything away, the cool freshness of raindrops falling on me
27. the mysterious moon with it’s moonlight filled with shadows that make me dream
28. the millions of stars that make me wish
29. my childhood, with its carefree ways and innocent adventures
30. my teenage years that taught me to make my own decisions and stick by them
31. my heart, so filled with love for so many people
32. the mysterious coincidences of life, the synchronicities, that bring wonderful connections onto my path
33. every crossroad that I’ve crossed, that reminded me that I have the power to change the direction of my life
34. my education, that allowed me to explore my curiosity and learn so many things
35. books, that make a thousand worlds and more, come alive in my brain
36. music, that inspires me in so many ways and takes me away to new landscapes and inspires me to write
37. my writing, the blogs, the stories, the poems and the books, that I’ve written and started to write that let my spirit soar through my playful use of words, and let me express a world of emotions and thoughts
38. all the people, the teachers and readers, who encouraged me to write and who saw that I had something valuable to share through my writing
39. all the teachers and mentors who showed me the way
40. all the funny stories that made me laugh
41. everything that made me cry, from happiness or sadness, for the cleansing feeling that tears bring
42. the pain I’ve felt, for learning how to live with pain and transcend it’s limitations
43. all the different jobs and careers I’ve had, and the richness of each experience
44. all the places I traveled to, that inspired and shaped my thoughts
45. all the restaurants of the world and their culinary treasures
46. all the art of the world, for breathing so much beauty in my life
47. all the mysteries and enigmas that I’ve discovered, unraveled and have been fascinated by
48. all the people who have helped me when I needed the help
49. all the people I’ve helped, for the gift of being able to help a fellow human being
50. for the money I make which allows me to buy the necessities in life and a few extras
51. for all the fun times I have shared with friends and other loved ones
52. all the spiritual people and leaders who have shared their varied and different beliefs with me, whether in their writings or in person (or both)
53. the acceptance I’ve felt from people I’ve met
54. the stories of life journeys that people have shared with me
55. meditation, whether in groups or on my own, the gift of peace and realization it has brought to me
56. silence, for the peace it brings my soul
57. the different seasons, for the changes and excitement it brings into my life
58. the clothes and shoes I wear, for keeping me warm and making me feel beautiful
59. all the people I’ve fallen in love with, who loved me, and the blessing of those relationships and sharing
60. silly things like the Cookie Monster (‘cause he’s funny, he’s a foodie, and he’s BLUE! )
61. all things blue! 🙂
62. all the poetry that has moved my heart and soul
63. all the dreamers of the world who dare to dream of a better place and a better way to be
64. the process of personal evolution, for all the “me”s I’ve become and will be
65. this moment, the utter perfection and ordinariness of it
66. all the transportation devices that bring me to exciting places
67. the physical exercise that makes me feel good and become healthier
68. the best and closest friends of my life, for being there, for sharing, for being who they are and accepting me for who I am
69. for all the people who have ever said a blessing over me
70. for all the people I’ve silently blessed
71. for the passing strangers who have made me smile
72. for all the people who’ve held a door open for me
73. for all the doors to opportunities that have shown up in my life
74. for the people who encouraged me when I was down
75. for the people who shared my joy when I felt bliss
76. for all the sacred spaces I have found and shared and the manna they have given my soul
77. for all the people I have mentored, coached, trained or taught something, for my being able to pass on my knowledge and wisdom
78. for all the realities beyond, the paranormal and supernatural, that fascinate me
79. for the feeling of groundedness, that firmly keeps me on my chosen path
80. for the random kindness of strangers
81. for all the bus drivers and merchants who greet me, smile and say hello
82. for the feeling of being pampered when I need it the most and need to recharge
83. for all the gatherings of people and events that I’ve hosted, that gave me such a thrill to bring fun and happiness to groups of people
84. for every single friend I have made in my life
85. for my parents who gave me the gift of life and so many blessings as parents
86. for my sister who has always been a hero for me, with all her incredible courage and strength
87. for my brother who tried to do the best he could
88. for my beautiful nieces and nephew for simply being
89. for all the surrogate mothers who gave freely of their love when I needed it the most
90. for the power of blogging, which give me this rich soapbox to stand on and share
91. for the incredible complexity and exciting possibilities of the internet, which all it’s knowledge and resources
92. for all the forums where I’ve posted and discussed so many things with so many wonderful strangers
93. for my websites, for the fun of designing and writing them
94. for, which brings people together on so many macro and micro levels, in real-time gatherings and virtual networking
95. for my independence, which makes me so happy to stand on my own two feet
96. for the languages I speak and my ability to communicate in them
97. for the invisible sun, that gives us hope when the day is done, as The Police sang
98. for the love of opera that my father gave me that enriches my life
99. for the love of people and meeting people that my mother passed onto me
100. for! 🙂

Hope you count your blessings today, too!

Anima Blue 🙂


Grace & Magic

We all need a little magic in our lives. Some special spark that makes us skip along, hum and whistle, or just plain smile.

What magic do you have in your life? Do you notice it?

There’s magic everywhere if you just take a moment. Take a deep breath and look around.

I had the idea of magic and grace turning around in my head and thinking about how lucky I am to have both in my life.

The grace of having this miraculous thing called life. The grace of seeing each day as the blessing that it is. The grace of having dreams and hopes that fill my thoughts and spirit.

The magic of everyday things. When you examine those everyday things, suddenly you see how remarkable they actually are. Blue skies, green grass, whispering trees, jumping dogs and laughing babies. Have you stopped to really look at such things? They’re magickal and wonderful and beautiful.

It’s funny I’ve been tripping over many Harry Potter references lately, which is another magic that makes me smile. “Mischief managed!”  What a great concept, what fun! Mischief IS magickal. It makes me laugh and giggle. Manage a little mischief into your day and watch the instant magic appear, I say!

I hope you’re experiencing the grace of a magickal day today!

Anima Blue 😀

sacred space

I’ve had this on my mind sometime, the idea of sacred space.

The sacred space within our minds and souls. The creation of a sacred space in a physical time and location. When those two levels of sacred space come together, it can literally be mind blowing. I know. I’ve been there, experienced that, had my mind go to that elsewhere, where the spirit soars and becomes something else. When you become one with the universe and all of the universe’s creations.

Have you been there? Have you felt this? I would love to hear your stories about your sacred space.

I consider myself to be a spiritual being. I have so many different beliefs it would be difficult to explain how I define myself, in terms of my faith and beliefs. I touched briefly on it, in one blog, that you can revisit if you like.

I can tell you that I have touched sacred space in many moments of my life. I’ve felt bliss. Pure, undiluted, limitless and beautiful, blessed bliss. Yes I have been blessed by bliss.

I’ve been thinking a lot about sacred space and bliss since I attended a friend’s drum circle for the first time, last month. It was a new experience for me. It was a pagan-based drum circle but it could have a been a circle out of any spiritual energy, the gathering of so much positive energy created through the sounds of drums and song. I love been exposed to new experiences like that, with free spirits so open to sharing of light and love. My mind took me elsewhere that night. And the music from the drums and singing voices reverbated within me for some time, as I walked home that night, and the weeks to come.

It was a sacred space that took my mind to a new sacred space.

It made me think of other times in my life where I shared energy with others, with group meditation and sharing, and also about the times when I have experienced a sacred space and bliss on my own.

Like many years ago, in a very funky loft in The Plateau district, in a somewhat sketchy looking neighbourhood. I had seen a small ad in one of our local free newspapers advertising a group meditation involving the use of kirtan, a new word and style of music I discovered. Kirtan (Sanskrit: “to repeat”;[1] also Sankirtan[2]) is call-and-response chanting or “responsory” performed in India’s devotional traditions.[3] A person performing kirtan is known as a kirtankar. Kirtan practice involves chanting hymns or mantras to the accompaniment of instruments.

The group meditation was hosted by a totally loveable young group of “Peace Love” Quebecois hippies, who wandered through-out the province of Quebec and set up these group medititation sessions as they passed through each town or city.

They had a guitar and a drum and passed around some home made muffins as we chanted and sang together in this strange loft space that they had rented from this arty looking bald guy who wandered in and out while the meditation went on.

When the session finished they gifted me with a charming wooden prayer bracelet and promised to contact me when they next had a session in Montreal. They were so sweet and free and positive. That music we created together was so powerful and positive it lifted my soul up and up and soooo very up. Ah it was heaven.

They would call me from time to time to let me know when they were in town but I was never able to make another session. And one day they disappeared. But that was OK. I was happy with the gift of that moment and the sacred space we had created together.

Other times I have felt that sacred space in even the most everyday moments in my life. Sometimes I’ve felt it as I rode the metro and looked around me to see the beautful light of every person’s Higher Self shining out around me. Sometimes I’ve found that sacred space from simply breathing in the whispering green trees. Trees sometimes seem so beautiful to me I’ve been known to spontaneously hug them. Just because. 

There have been other times I have felt the sacred space in my mind and soul as my mind floated up from a simple meditation at home, where I felt myself go up and up into the stars and beyond. Marvelling at all the millions of millions of souls all sharing our world and the sheer beauty of that soul-sharing.

What a sacred space we inhabit on this earth, every day we live another day of life!

There is a sacred space every way you look, within and without, around you.
Blessed we are indeed.

Anima Blue 🙂

Video Montage: The Flow
Following the flow of the universe, with a photo montage I created. The song is "Twisted Hair" by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble, featuring the sublime operatic voice of Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sings over the sound of crickets.
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