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Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet: Lightworkers and Lightwork

In some cosmopolitan circles in the big city, it simply wasn’t done.

You didn’t talk about it. It was somewhat taboo. When I hosted over 130 Meetup events in town, there were 2 subjects you hoped your gatherings would avoid: religion and politics.

Unless you hosted an event specifically geared at one of those topics, of course.

I remember one event that will forever be ingrained in my mind, when someone brought up religion at one of my events. Someone who seemed to be of a somewhat racist bent decided to talk about how Ramadan was a terrible event that forced children to starve themselves. This she said right to the face of a Muslim person, also attending my event. Ironically, we were all sharing a meal together. I was quick to diffuse the situation, changing the subject and smoothing over things with all concerned. But it made me think about how religion – and spiritual beliefs – are just not discussed in certain circles.

But where and when CAN you discuss spiritual beliefs?

I have been thinking about my spiritual journey lately. And I thought about how we all have that special moment in time, when as spiritual people, we decide to share our spiritual beliefs, with other like-minded souls, in a public way.

I remember when a wonderful fellow soulful traveller friend of mine decided to speak of her beliefs on Facebook. Do I or don’t I? What will my friends think if I post and write publically about this? Will I still be accepted by my friends?

Those were questions she asked herself. And those are questions I asked of myself as well, when I decided yes I would blog about God and my spiritual beliefs. And yes I would share my spiritual beliefs on my Social Media Channels and elsewhere.

At the moment I have just finished reading a most wonderful and inspiring book: “The Lightworker’s Way: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal” by Doreen Virtue.

In her book, she describes her struggle – and decision – to Come Out of the Spiritual Closet. You can read more about in this article she wrote:
Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet.

Once upon a time, I came out of the spiritual closet myself. For years, I have been having discussions online and in person with fellow soulful travelers and kept coming across this word: “Lightworker”.

Something about it resonated with something inside of me. Something about it felt right, like coming home. But for years, I circled around it, coming closer and closer without fully accepting it for myself. I spoke with and exchanged messages with many people around the world who identified as Lightworkers, in order to learn more about what exactly Lightwork was all about, and why people identified as Lightworkers themselves.

Until one day I finally said both to myself – and the world – yes I am a Lightworker.

But what is a Lightworker? And why do I consider myself to be one?

Google “Lightworker” and you will find hundreds of links describing what it means, with many different variations. The term Lightworker has changed since I began my own spiritual journey decades ago. Lightworkers are now everywhere and are found in so many different and varied forms.

I see a Lightworker as being a combination of a couple of different perspectives:

“Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread Light – knowledge, freedom and self-love – on earth. They sense this as their mission. They are often attracted to spirituality and to therapeutic work of some kind.” from Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

“The term ‘Lightworker’ has been around for many years, initially used to describe people doing spiritual, humanitarian or healing work. The definition of Lightworker has evolved as our understanding & consciousness has evolved… we have evolved.

Today it is understood that Lightworkers are people at the leading edge of transforming human consciousness. They themselves are ‘waking up’, experiencing expanded consciousness & a reconnection to the infinite intelligence accessible to all via our inner knowing. In the process of their own development Lightworkers are influencing others & catalysing their awakening, even without consciously trying to do so simply due their increasingly clear, light & positive vibrational output. A defining quality of Lightworkers however is their conscious awareness, this is where their true power lies.” from What is a Lightworker? Are YOU a Lightworker?

What I would add to those definitions is that Lightworkers come from every faith and belief system across the world. There is no particular religion, but every faith and religion, that Lightworkers come from. They are the ones who are called to share their Light with others on our planet Earth. That common message Lightworkers have is that We Are ONE, united in LOVE, part of the same Divine Plan, sharing this LOVE vibration with fellow souls in order to uplift the vibrations of all souls on our path, in this life and beyond.

Why do I identify as a Lightworker?

For many years, I have been working on myself and one thing I have embraced is the fact that I feel the need to share Light with others. Sharing Light means sharing LOVE, that vast infinite profound eternal and bottomless fount of Unconditional Love that comes from the Divine Source, from God. Sharing the Light also within myself, loving myself unconditionally because I know I am a perfect creation made by God, with an eternal shining soul that is limitless and ever shining.

I have also always had the feeling and INTUITION (common among Lightworkers) that I have a Mission in life, in walking this Earth, that basically God means me to do something, and that purpose is to serve others – somehow.

The how and the details – that I have still to discover. But I am meant to do something to better the world we live in.

In order to discover my true purpose, I have continued my dialogue with fellow Lightworkers and possible aspiring Lightworkers.

I had a chat with a wonderful soulful friend of mine awhile ago, where I talked to her about how I was trying to discover my true path as a Lightworker. We have been friends for many years now, since the exciting early days of Facebook, when I connected with so many other inspiring souls in spiritual discussions. My inspiring friend, who I have learned much from, with her ever shining and LOVE-filled example, suggested my Lightwork gift lay in my writing, as she told me that I have written many inspiring things over the years.

Yes, my writing. That resonated with me. I feel that my writing is a soulful path that may be what I am meant to do.

When I read Doreen Virtue’s inspiring story in “The Lightworker’s Way”, she spoke of how she had an image in her mind of being published, and of writing spiritual and inspiring works. As she spoke of that in her book, she encouraged all who read of her journey who also felt the call to write and publish, to pursue what their intuition told them to do.

And so I let my words bring me to where I may go….who knows of the infinite possibilities to be found in my future?

In the mean-time, I continue to create various spiritual experiments, where I hope to continue the spiritual dialogue with fellow soulful travellers.

Last year, for a short time, I led a Lightworkers discussion group here in town, and it proved to be a most illuminating experience.

With that weekly discussion group, I had stimulating discussions on a variety of topics, with people from many different ethnic and spiritual backgrounds. From Zen Buddhists, to New Agers, Pagans, people following Shamanic traditions and more. What was wonderful was to see how our dialogue raised our energies where we bounced off spiritual ideas off each others, being inspired to new thoughts and ideas from learning from each other. It was like an amazing buzzing HIGH, speaking with others who had also been exploring different spiritual streams of thoughts for years.

That spiritual experiment was wonderful and I learned much from that sharing. I feel that I will continue that dialogue again, somewhere and some time.

Time will tell where next my spiritual path will bring me.


Anima Blue 😀


The Tears of the Soul

Blame it on Paulo Coelho, The Great Alchemist. Or rather, thank him for it.

It was a small passage that I read in his latest book, Aleph, which released a soul memory in me, a month or so ago. Since that moment, I have been turning the idea for this blog around & around in my head.

Recently, my wonderful friend C happened to blog about tears. A happy coincidence….otherwise known as Synchronicity giving me a head’s up that it was time to write this.

So this soul, my Blue Soul (for the roots of my name see About Anima Blue) thought it was time to blog about a special experience, about The Tears of the Soul.

The Tears of the Soul are not like tears that come from the human heart. Tears from the heart can be about grief, sadness, pain, heartbtreak and occasionally happiness.

But The Tears of the Soul come from the most profound place within ourselves. Within our souls. The Tears of the Soul come out only when you experience the most sublime experiences, when you have become totally *immersed* in the deepest bliss. In those times you are literally One With The Universe and that incredible fount of endless unconditional love and almost heart-breaking beauty.

Reading a few words by The Great Alchemist brought me back to that place.

The place and time and dimension when I wheeled among the stars and moon and soared with the Anima Mundi, the world soul, which consists of all the souls of the world united in one voice, one light, one love.

The place beyond compassion, beyond empathy (which says a lot considering how empathic I am). There is no need for any compassion at all at this level. Because the soul next to you, and every single other soul around you is perfect and made of the most amazingly pure energy. Souls don’t hate. Souls don’t worry about every day problems. For the soul knows it is infinite and eternally perfect.

How incredibly beautiful it is for me to cry those Tears of the Soul, when I am simply overcome by this bliss. It’s Rumi’s “Soul Of The Soul Of The Soul.” The soul opening all the way to its deepest profound centre, like the petals of a lotus blossom, or the energy vortex of the chakras. Layers upon layers of the soul and soulfulness.

“Oh soul,
you worry too much.
You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your golden wings.
Of anything less,
why do you worry?
You are in truth
the soul, of the soul, of the soul.”
– Rumi

I have been blessed with having experienced such moments in this life-time.

Many times I have experienced these Tears of the Soul moments when I am alone, in the most ordinary of places, like when I am riding the subway. Sometimes I am overcome when I look around and see all the Higher Selves travelling around me and their incredibly luminous light.

And there are times when I have shared such a deep moment of sharing with friends that those Tears of the Soul just effortlessly spill out of my eyes in gratitude of this special sharing with others. With my soul brothers and sisters.

I have been so blessed by this gift.

Sometimes I forget the experience, this mind-transcending experience. But one day, my Alpha & Omega Self , always reminds me, as I make it back to a universe of bliss.

May you experience The Tears of the Soul at least once in your life, dear readers.

 You will know then * know * you are as you were meant to be.

 Blessed be,
Anima blue 🙂

Fresh Starts

I have been thinking about reinventions lately. I had this Depeche Mode song stuck in my head and was thinking how great it is to have a fresh, clean start.

A friend & fellow blogger told me a little awhile ago that it was great how grounded I was, and how authentic I seemed to be.

That kind of made me laugh, truth be told.

In some ways, I have constantly reinvented myself over the years. But yet on the other hand, I know who I am, no doubt about it. And you know what? I like who I am. I think I am cool. Ha!

What a wonderful thing to say to yourself: hey buddy – you’re really cool and I dig you. 

Yeah, that’s an awesome feeling.

I think we should all be blessed with the feeling of how awesome we all are. You, me, and the signpost. We are all cool. Can you dig it?

It’s great to be cool, even when you KNOW you’re doing/being goofy. Laughing at yourself is the best medicine.

That sense of coolness and awesomeness is the part inside all of us that is still just a big kid at heart. I play. You play. We all play. That’s what makes life fun! And gee life can be just like a barrel of monkeys. I used to love those when I was a kid.

How appropriate since my Chinese zodiac sign is The Monkey. 😀

So hey – how about we all monkey around for a moment, today?
See ya in the sandbox.

Anima Blue 🙂

Wild Crazy Gypsy Soul Wanderlust

from Emir Kusturica’s Black Cat, White Cat

There is something about crazy gypsy stories and movies that I love.

Whether it be any of the zany dark comedies of Emir Kusturica’s mad-cap genius, the aching musical soul of Latcho Drom, or the hilarious documentary of a crazy gypsy town in The Shutka Book of Records.

Why do I like gypsy stories so much?

Maybe because they are so incredibly colourful, inside and out.
Maybe because they have so much heart, and you can feel that heart in the way they tell their stories.

Maybe because I have a touch of the crazy gypsy in me, seeing life as the absurdly funny thing it is – and know sometimes we need to just laugh, and not take it too seriously.

And maybe it’s because of the wanderlust I share with them, even though my feet have not been straying so far these past few years.

But oh my feet, they do stray and itch for the road calling me.
Probably why I find myself taking so many moonlit walks in the middle of the night.

The night has always called me, even when I was a kid.

No worries though, my friends.
I take safe walks.

My wanderlust has been known to strike me in the oddest moments.
And then oh then, I just to get up and walk out into the wide blue yonder, and see what’s calling me out there.

There’s so much and so many things that I find, with my wanderlust.
It could be the laugh of a stranger as we both get pelted by the rain.
Or sometimes it’s thoughts about the meaning of life and my place in the universe.

But sometimes it’s only the sound of my own heartbeat, my heart beating.
That feeling of being alive. And being grateful for being alive.

That’s what’s so great about crazy gypsies.
They are so….alive!

Feel like going for a moonlit night in the middle of the night right now.
Be back later, folks.

Anima Blue 😀

Reconnecting The Soulful Dots

Lately my mind has been occupied with one of my favorite activities: counting my blessings.

And when I count my blessings, the very special people in my life, who have crossed my path, are at the top of the list.

This past week, I tasted the tastiest soul food of hearing from not one, but 5 people who all hold a special place in my heart. Five souls that I lost touch with who I was so very happy to hear from again.

One was a dear friend I studied with many moons ago, who moved so very far away. A soul-sister with whom I used to share little haikus, silly little doodles, and moments of mindfulness. Another soul sister whose beautifully generous spirit I shared soul-nourishing alternative books and philosophies and a tender softness that comes with the best hugs. Another was my one & only treasured childhood friend that I still keep in touch with. The one I shared the madness of teen years with, and decade after decade of life-changing events. Another was a special young man, who sadly had moved to Toronto sometime ago. A young man filled with such a bright light and wisdom and love. And another special young man who is a very talented photographer. The young man who took my very mischievous portrait picture that grace a few of my websites.

Ah what goodness, what light from them all.

My day was made all the brighter from hearing from each of them.

And hearing from them made me think of all the areas of my life where I have been blessed with the connections that feed my soul.

All those Positive People in Toronto & all over the world who shared this spiritual journey with me.

The wonderfully eclectic collection of wonderful new friends I´ve made from the many events I´ve hosted & attended in my ever-busy social life.

The dear friend I found again after 10 years of searching. So far away across an ocean but so often in my thoughts.

My best buddy with whom I shared a night of sci-fi movie goodness and most excellent cheese, not too long ago.

My dear dad. Much too far away from me, who is in my heart and thoughts every day.

It is time to catch up with all my emails, all my phone calls, all my messages, with all the soulfully-rich people who have touched & blessed my life.

Video Montage: The Flow
Following the flow of the universe, with a photo montage I created. The song is "Twisted Hair" by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble, featuring the sublime operatic voice of Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sings over the sound of crickets.
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