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#40DaysofLove Challenge Brought to You By: On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness

Hello Dear Readers!

I have decided to participate in an AWESOME new Blog Challenge and Facebook Event!

On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness have created a

40 Days of Love Challenge!

Details from the Facebook event:

40 days of love

“We are not instructed to love when it’s convenient for us. We are not instructed to love when others love us first. We are not instructed to stop loving if we are wronged. We are not instructed to love only when others meet our unrealistic expectations.

We are called to LOVE. If we can give more of it, we will receive more of it. You can choose anger, cynicism, bitterness, and defeat, or you can choose to start your 2013 off right and join our 40 Days of Love Challenge.

Beginning January 6, 2013, the 40 Days of Love event will launch. We are asking you to join us. We are asking you to love. Love those mothers and fathers in your life who’ve hurt you, love those husbands and wives who you once couldn’t live without, love those children who are your life no matter what they do, love those friends who are in your life for a reason.

Once a day we will challenge you to do something for that person. We will ask you to share your ideas with others on Facebook or twitter. We will ask you to post pictures on Instagram of your love challenge or your loved one.

What do I need to do? Join the FB event, share/invite others, choose the person you are going to LOVE during this challenge and wait for the challenges to come in each day! We will remind you, don’t worry! 🙂

Does it have to be a husband or a wife? NO! It doesn’t matter who you are LOVING in the 40 Days as long as you are doing something IN LOVE for them.

Can you choose to keep it a secret? Sure, but you don’t have to! Totally up to you!

Can you choose to do your own 40 day challenges? Sure! We will just post as guidance for those that are less creative (like us) 🙂
Is this just for women? NO! We NEED the men of our lives to join in the most! You are husbands, sons, fathers…….you are SO important!

By February 14th, we should all have more love in our lives and THAT will be cause to celebrate a day of love! »

I will be participating in this event and will be blogging about it!

Are you in?

Let’s share LOTS of LOVE…across the world!

Here we go!

If you are tweeting your participation on Twitter, be sure to use the hash tag:

Love & Light,

Anima Blue 🙂

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