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BE BRAVE – The True Story of Daniel Northcott

BE BRAVE – The True Story of Daniel Northcott

Today I decided to interrupt my #40DaysofLove Campaign, to bring you all an inspiring story about a young man and his sister.


From Be Brave – The true story of Daniel Northcott

A brother’s dying wish. A sister’s undying promise. Watch the video above to hear the story of Daniel Northcott and his message of unity for the world.

“The real miracle is not flying through the air or walking on water, it is to walk upon the Earth at all.”

Bursting with unquenchable curiosity and a boundless love for life, Daniel Northcott was a one-of-a-kind filmmaker.  Barely 20, he set out on a decade-long quest to travel the world, spreading his infectious enthusiasm across four continents and dozens of cultures. Through ruins and cities, war zones and sacred sites, he captured each precious moment on camera with an eye for colorful characters of every age and description.

In April of 2007, Dan’s journey led him to a greater adventure than he had ever imagined.  Despite warnings of an ancient curse, he brought home a bone from a sacrificial Mayan burial cave in Yucatán, and just months later he was diagnosed with leukemia – cancer of the bone marrow.

When Daniel learned 8 years into his film project that he had only months to live he began a race to complete his unfinished film. Amazingly, he continued to document every detail of the roller-coaster ride that followed —from the doctor delivering the crushing news to every intense medical procedure, losing his hair, and intimate moments with friends and family.

With over a thousand hours of footage and no energy or time left he made a 40-minute sketch of the film he dreamed to make and left the footage in his will to his sister Erin Northcott. His last wish was to request she oversee the completion of his legacy, his film.



#40DaysofLove: Day 16

#40DaysofLove Day 16

On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness

40 days of Love Facebook Event



So my #40DaysofLove journey continues, with Day 16.

Day 16: Today hug your #love person every time you see them. A hug can go a long way and can break down walls to let love in. #40DaysofLove

I had different thoughts about this one today.

I thought about my #love person today, my boyfriend. And I thought about that great catchy viral “Free Hugs” campaign.

First, my boyfriend was having a tough moment today and so I said to him:
“Do you need a hug?”

His answer was simply to open his arms. And I gave him a great big, gentle and supportive hug, with a nice little squeeze thrown in! Ahhhhh….felt good for me too. It does feel good to be on either side of a hug, doesn’t it?

Somehow, a hug is always right. It feels good when you are happy.
And it feels good when you are down.

Getting and giving hugs in both conditions sure does a body (and soul) a lot of good!

That reminded me of the “Free Hugs” campaign story.

Have you heard about it?

It all started with one man, who calls himself Juan Mann online, who was feeling lonely and dejected and all alone upon returning to Australia, his native country.

A bit about the Free Hugs Campaign story:

The Free Hugs Campaign is a social movement involving individuals who offer hugs to strangers in public places.[1] The hugs are meant to be random acts of kindness – selfless acts performed just to make others feel better. International Free Hugs Month is celebrated on the first Saturday of July and continues until August first.

The campaign in its present form was started in 2004 by an Australian man known only by the pseudonym “Juan Mann”.[2] The campaign became famous internationally in 2006 as the result of a music video on YouTube by the Australian band Sick Puppies, which has been viewed over 73 million times.

The Free Hugs campaign in its present form was started by Juan Mann on December 1, 2004 when he began giving out hugs in the Pitt Street Mall in central Sydney. In the months prior to this, Mann had been feeling depressed and lonely as a result of numerous personal difficulties. However, a random hug from a stranger made an enormous difference, with Mann stating that “…I went out to a party one night and a completely random person came up to me and gave me a hug. I felt like a king! It was greatest thing that ever happened.”[2]


Soon, the “Free Hugs” Campaign went viral on YouTube and all over the world in many cities, with lots of spontaneous people making “Free Hugs” signs and hugging strangers.

Read more about the wonderful “Free Hugs” Campaign here:

Official Home of the Free Hugs Campaign
Inspired by Juan Mann

I think the world can always use more hugs.

Let’s all go out and hug our loved ones and whoever cross our paths today.

Hug our planet and earth too. I love hugging trees!

Mother Nature deserves a hug too!

Happy hugging,
Anima Blue 😀

#40DaysofLove: Day 5

On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness

40 days of Love Facebook Event



#40DaysofLove: Day 5

So my #40DaysofLove journey continues, with Day 5.

“Day 5: Today apologize for one thing you know you were wrong for saying/doing. When love takes over, it compels us to humbly apologize and take full responsibility for our part in any conflict.”

WOW this is a tough one. Not hard to apologize. Hard to pick only one person, one action to apologize for. *Sigh*

I often like to say my life is a “Work in Progress”, when I realize I have made mistakes. Mistakes with someone, somewhere in the world. Even mistakes with myself.

I have decided to make this a Global Apology, to fit a pattern of behavior of mine.

I apologize for being a Control Freak.

I always start with good intentions.

Often when I join some new group project of some kind, I have so many fresh ideas and enthusiasm. I join in the conversation and express all the inspiration I feel bubbling inside me. Things we can do, partnerships, creative brainstorms.

And then all too often, I naturally feel (and see) myself taking over.  Shifting the group and group dialogue in a direction I think we should go.

I am aware I am doing this, and see myself doing this more and more.

I try to put some brakes on, from time to time. Try to shut up and let other people talk.

Try to let the others lead where they want to go, say what they want to say, shape the project the way they want to shape it.

My intentions are always good.

But sometimes I just go too far.

And then people begin to feel I have taken over their time, their projects, and their time for expression.

And I end up feeling bad about the whole thing.

I usually end up apologizing to the people involved. And tell them I did not mean any harm.

I end up feel bad about what I did. And end up blaming myself again.

For releasing my Control Freak Monster once again.

Suddenly, I can hear “Release the Kraken!!!!!”

And imagine that is my Control Freak Monster rising from the seas…lol.

Well at least I can laugh about it! 😀

So to all the loved ones in my life, to all the people in the group activities I am involved in, I apologize to you all:

Please forgive me for releasing my Inner Control Freak again.

Tomorrow is a new day. And hopefully, a Control-Freak-Free one for me and you.

Anima Blue

#40DaysofLove: Day 3

On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness

40 days of Love Facebook Event



So my #40DaysofLove journey continues, with Day 3.

I have decided to skip a day, so that I can be on the same day as the Facebook event group. I will add that extra day at the end.  🙂

I have also decided that I will be focusing on different people through-out this 40 day journey and meditate on the meaning of each of these #40DaysofLove images, which are being provided by our event hosts, On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness , although I still dedicate this series to my Mom.

Thank you to On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness for the great inspirations each day, for us to write and think about!

This thought today makes me think about how quick and easy it can be for us to judge. And then when we DO judge, and discover we have judged someone, we can then judge OURSELVES for judging someone. I have been very conscious and aware of my doing this in my life. And it is still a work in progress to let go of all that.

It’s fitting that I return to thoughts about my Mom, when thinking about judging someone.

It was with my Mom that I first truly analyzed the life of someone I loved and realized what a difficult life they had. My mother had quite a difficult life and not much of a childhood or chance to be a carefree teenager. She did the best she could as a Mom and wife and she did not live the easiest of lives.

One day, when I was a young adult, somewhere in my 20s, I did this analysis of her life and felt so much compassion for her and saw how she had done the best she can.

That was also during a difficult time in our family and it was the first (of many times) when I found myself taking care of my mom, instead of the other way around.

That lesson I learned about studying someone’s life in order to better understand them and leave our judgement behind, stayed with me a long, long time and has served me well with so many people who have crossed my life.

That is part of why I became a very empathic person and why I was often able to put myself in another’s shoes.

Even with complete strangers.

I later had to learn not to let my compassion get the best of me and try to help every single person that crossed my path. We need to keep some energy to take care of our own selves first. Or else we are not good for anyone else. And sometimes we have to walk away, because it’s not healthy for us to help someone who is not capable of seeing they need to help their own selves as well.

But that is another story.

And even in there, there is a great danger of judging. And again, judging ourselves for judging someone else again. At times, we need to let someone go out of our lives. We can still love them and wish them well. But sometimes their presence in our lives just no longer works.

This reminds me of someone who crossed my path once, during a tough time during the holidays.

One year, I had spent the holidays alone and was helping out in a community centre.

There was a man who stayed a few days there.

He was a man whose life had not been kind to him.

He had the red nose and red veins on his face of someone who had been a long-time alcoholic. His hand had the tremors, perhaps due to his drinking. Or the many health problems he had, maybe or maybe not due to the drinking. He had the look of a man who perhaps had lived on the streets for a time.

Anyone seeing him on the street would probably make a quick judgement of him and move on.

I shared a couple of conversations with him, while he stayed there.

Mostly I listened. Listened to him tell me about the long list of health problems he had. And about his life at the halfway house he usually stayed at. He seemed pretty upbeat, considering the shape he was in. I remember him telling me how proud he was that he had dentures. And he even took his dentures out to show me. lol

At this community centre, everyone who stayed there was given a task to do, in order to contribute to the centre. Everyone could pick what they wanted to do. Usually people decided what they wanted to do and discussed it with the others. There was little arguing about it. It was a very small thing but it was good for each person’s self-esteem. The feeling that they too could do their part.

Well the other people at the centre had doubts about this man being able to do one of the tasks. And the tasks were light and simple. Loading the dishwasher. Wiping the counter. Emptying the ash trays in the TV room. Stuff like that.

When I talked to the man who looked twenty years older than the age he told me (he did look like he had lived a hard life), he was upset because he really wanted to do a task but felt like he wasn’t capable like the others.

So I gently showed him how to wipe the counters in the kitchen. I told him how easy it was and encouraged him to try. So he did it himself and he was so very proud of doing it! It was such a small thing but it totally made his day. And it made my day because for a moment I had helped someone feel better about themselves.

I think about this man from time to time. How a moment of kindness to him made him feel so important and useful.

And I think about him from time to time when I find myself judging someone who crosses my path.

I remember how other people did not think much of him, and his ability to do a small task.

And I think about how my words, good and bad, affect people much more than I realize sometimes.

And then I try to be gentle and forgive myself, for judging others, once again.

#40DaysofLove: Day 1

On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness


I dedicate this post to my Mother…who I lost in 2007.

Here is something just for her:

sempre nel mio cuore

Love you,


#40DaysofLove Challenge Brought to You By: On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness

Hello Dear Readers!

I have decided to participate in an AWESOME new Blog Challenge and Facebook Event!

On The Wings of Gratitude and 40 Days of Thankfulness have created a

40 Days of Love Challenge!

Details from the Facebook event:

40 days of love

“We are not instructed to love when it’s convenient for us. We are not instructed to love when others love us first. We are not instructed to stop loving if we are wronged. We are not instructed to love only when others meet our unrealistic expectations.

We are called to LOVE. If we can give more of it, we will receive more of it. You can choose anger, cynicism, bitterness, and defeat, or you can choose to start your 2013 off right and join our 40 Days of Love Challenge.

Beginning January 6, 2013, the 40 Days of Love event will launch. We are asking you to join us. We are asking you to love. Love those mothers and fathers in your life who’ve hurt you, love those husbands and wives who you once couldn’t live without, love those children who are your life no matter what they do, love those friends who are in your life for a reason.

Once a day we will challenge you to do something for that person. We will ask you to share your ideas with others on Facebook or twitter. We will ask you to post pictures on Instagram of your love challenge or your loved one.

What do I need to do? Join the FB event, share/invite others, choose the person you are going to LOVE during this challenge and wait for the challenges to come in each day! We will remind you, don’t worry! 🙂

Does it have to be a husband or a wife? NO! It doesn’t matter who you are LOVING in the 40 Days as long as you are doing something IN LOVE for them.

Can you choose to keep it a secret? Sure, but you don’t have to! Totally up to you!

Can you choose to do your own 40 day challenges? Sure! We will just post as guidance for those that are less creative (like us) 🙂
Is this just for women? NO! We NEED the men of our lives to join in the most! You are husbands, sons, fathers…….you are SO important!

By February 14th, we should all have more love in our lives and THAT will be cause to celebrate a day of love! »

I will be participating in this event and will be blogging about it!

Are you in?

Let’s share LOTS of LOVE…across the world!

Here we go!

If you are tweeting your participation on Twitter, be sure to use the hash tag:

Love & Light,

Anima Blue 🙂

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