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Thanks for The Universe

« Merci. Bonne journée. »

« Merci. Au revoir. »

How many times do we say thank you every day?

How many times do we say thank you to our loved ones?

How many times do we thank The Universe?

And how many times do we have brief grateful exchanges with strangers, like the one above, that I had with a bus driver today?

I was wondering today how many times I have shared grateful exchanges with people through-out my daily life and how much is the sum total of that collective gratitude.

WOW that must be oceans of positive energy squared!

I must have thanked hundreds of bus drivers through-out my life-time, for the simple task of driving me to my destination. It’s a second instinct now and I feel odd if I don’t say a word in passing, when I get off the bus.

It’s always nice when the bus drivers thank me and others, for sharing their journey on their bus too.

It’s a funny thing but common everywhere in town, that brief exchange.

We thank the bus drivers, the taxi drivers, the waiters and waitresses who bring us our food in restaurants. We thank the workers in dépanneurs (convenience stores for those outside of Quebec and Canada) for selling us a pack of gum.

How many times did I thank the sellers of train tickets during my recent trip to Italy?

Oh so many train tickets bought, for hundreds of kilometres of train track travelled.

We thank people when they sell us something. We thank people when they give us information that we are looking for.

We thank people in everyday life and in extraordinary moments.

We thank people when we are down and they comfort us. We thank people when we share a smile in passing over some small moment shared.

We thank those who love us for being there for us. We thank those who love us for loving us, in good times and bad.

For some of us, we give thanks for the lessons learned. Even when the lesson was not easy to take. That is a gift indeed, to learn even when the heart is hurting from what life throws our way.

Oh and we thank The Universe, when The Universe acts in The Universe’s usual Mysterious Ways, pointing us in the next direction we need to take, through so many small signs and messages.

You can literally feel your heart expand when you give thanks, if you listen carefully.

That feeling of complete gratitude can expand until it brings tears of joy to your eyes, for feeling so much love.

Yes, a simple mathematical equation: Gratitude = LOVE +x.

The amount x is depending how large the gratitude you feel is.

A small thank you, for someone passing you a pen to write.

Up to a BIG thank you, for someone holding you close as you cry.

You have a choice to either multiply or add the x…but the heart will know what quotient is right to feel.

Giving thanks to the Divine Source for the blessing of living another beautiful day on this Earth?

That is priceless.

Much Love & Gratitude, Universe.
Anima Blue  🙂


Video Montage: The Flow
Following the flow of the universe, with a photo montage I created. The song is "Twisted Hair" by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble, featuring the sublime operatic voice of Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sings over the sound of crickets.
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