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Shifting into 2013

2012 was a special year.

Special for my life. Special for our world and planet.

What comes to mind when one says 2012?

2012 was a year of tragic events. A senseless school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut (for my thoughts on this, see The Last Day).  A hideous gang rape and beating of a beautiful girl in India. The strange wave of natural disasters blasting our earth, such as was in the case of Hurricane Sandy. Hurricanes up north in New York and New Jersey?

What is happening to our world? What is happening with our planet?

Oh and say 2012 and what else comes to mind?

A little thing called “The End of The World”, predicted by ancient Mayans.

It seems that the world was filled with fear and violence.

And so was our very own planet, rocked by the violence of natural disasters. Tsunamis in odd places. Earthquakes everywhere.

Our Earth was hurting. Our Earth’s citizens were hurting.

But that is the fear-based thinking our media promotes.

If you followed the spiritual currents and discussions, a special Shift was happening.

A Shift filled with the higher frequencies of Love and Light.

A Shift passed through a wave of awakening humans, sharing love and light, spreading messages of joy and bliss.

A simple message anyone and everyone on our planet could share:

 WE are ONE.

Over and over, this message has been beamed all across our planet and out into the stars, through our hearts and minds,

Although many people laughed about the Mayan Prophecy, when the end of the world they thought it meant did not happen.

But the Mayan Prophecy did not signify the End of the World.

Distortions of the original Mayan predictions were interpreted as the end of the world, when the Mayans actually said it would be the start of a new era in their long-count Mayan calendar.

Want to know more?

Check out what NASA says on the subject:
Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

The true meaning of the Mayan Prophecy was the End of the World As We Knew It, and the Beginning of a New Era.

For many months, those following the spiritual currents across the world, as I have, have known that a special Shift was taking place. Soulful travelers and lightworkers such as myself have been participating in this Shift.

What is this Shift?

The Shift is about people waking up and deciding to awaken their personal power and expand their consciousness.

But The Shift is also about people leaving the lower and negative frequencies emanating from our fear-based societies, leaving all fear behind, and focusing energies on transmitting unconditional LOVE and LIGHT. Filling our hearts and minds with that LOVE and LIGHT. And sharing that LOVE and LIGHT with fellow soul travelers.

The Shift is also about sharing that HEART FREQUENCY with our planet, GAIA, and healing the wounds of our hurting planet Earth.

I would say a really great thing happened with the Mayan Prophecy.

EVERYONE across the earth was focused on this Mayan phenomenon, a SPIRITUAL phenomenon. Thousands of people became curious about a SPIRITUAL phenomenon, and maybe – just maybe – some of those people woke up to wanting more meaning in their spiritual lives.

Now that is a great thought!

Let us thank the Mayans for making our Earth Citizens think about their lives and the meaning in it!

My dream would be that The Shift in human consciousness that is occurring through thousands will expand more and more, and more humans will share LOVE.

Enough LOVE to heal us all from the hurts of the earth, more LOVE to heal us all of the violence of our most terrible news stories that have hit our communities.


As part of this NEW POSITIVE ENERGY, I have revamped the links on my blogs to include fresh, new categories:
Fellow Soul Travelers, Inspirational Links, and Montreal Inspirational Resources

I hope you enjoy reading the people and links that have inspired me!


What a wonderful world it would be if our world became a LOVE-BASED place, instead of a fear-based place filled with violence.

AMEN to that.

Blessed be.

Anima Blue 😀


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*Being* In The Flow & 3 Universal Laws: Agreement, Resistance, and Attraction

For some time I have been turning pieces of this blog around in my mind.

I came up with 3 Universal Laws, which shape my very own day-to-day life, and Laws which I see others struggling with, in their own lives. The lives of my loved ones, the lives of strangers. Laws of the Universe that truly apply to everyone, wherever they may be on their Life Path.

Two Laws are laws I have coined myself:
The Law of Agreement
The Law of Resistance

You may find other versions of them on the Internet. But I have specifically coined them for behaviors and relationships I have experienced in my life – and witnessed in the lives of others.

And a very popular and well-known Law of The Universe:
The Law of Attraction

Well that has existed since the beginning of Time. I myself have decided to apply that particular law since 2011. Especially after having absorbed the many lessons in The Secret, and manifesting great abundance and precious moments in my life.

*BEING* In The Flow

What do these 3 Laws have to do with *being* in the flow?
What do I mean by *being* in the flow?

It is a simple thing really.

You are *being* in the flow when everything in your life falls into place.

You are learning the lessons you need to learn, in order to evolve as a human being and soul traveler. You are living in the NOW. You appreciate the lessons that the past taught you, but are happy to leave the past in the past. You are neither fearing nor anticipating the future. You trust that The Universe will unfold a future just as it should unfold.

Every person who enters and stays in your life, feels right and right for you. You appreciate each other, when you are *being* in the flow.

The flow is the flow of time, of place, of existence.

Many synchrolicious synchronicities may be happening while you are being in the flow. Those precious moments make your heart smile and make you feel blessed.

And now onto the 3 Laws.

Really, all the relationships you have with people in your life have these 3 elements involved.

The Law Of Agreement
1.    In order for something to exist in your life,
you made an agreement for it to be in your life
2.    In order for someone to exist in your life,
you made an agreement with each other to be in each other’s lives.

Things exist in your life, for better or worse.

Happy things come into your life with your embracing them, of course.

But sometimes, things become unhealthy addictions (ie food, drugs, alcohol) that can plague you. But yet they still remain. Why? Because there is a part of you who still gets a hit or fix, from it existing in your life. As long as one little part of you still embraces it, you will continue to embrace your agreement with its existence.

But YOU can choose to say NO to that thing. But you must be sure to remove every little part of the you that embraces it. You can banish it once & for all by simply BREAKING that Agreement. Say: “NO, I do not agree to your existence in my life!” Not easy perhaps. But it is your CHOICE.

We also make Agreements with each and EVERY ONE of the people in our lives.

Yes, even with FAMILY. What, you may say, I was BORN into this family, I didn’t choose them? Well, that is a subject for another blog – choosing your earth family.

But you DO make an Agreement to have family members in your lives.

YOU always have a choice whether to allow someone to be in your life. Just as they also choose to have you in their life.

Time and time again, I have seen people being angry and hurt with various people in their lives. Family. Lovers. Friends. And more.

But they forget that there is an Agreement in effect.

YOU can choose each person in your life. YOU can also choose the nature of the Agreement that exists between you both! WHAT do you want to share with this person? Does this person still add positive value to your daily life? Are they good to you? Do they appreciate you? Do you appreciate them?

EACH person is responsible for creating – and maintaining – a relationship with another human being.

Are you both still living up to that Agreement? Take a little test once in awhile of the relationship. Does it still benefit both of you?

When a relationship becomes one-sided or unbalanced, it is time to take a hard look and make a decision about whether you will tolerate its continued existence in your life.

We all need to do this. I do it with every relationship or friendship in my life. And I am brutally honest with my own self in the process. In what relationships have I broken our mutual Agreement?

Now if someone comes into your life WITHOUT your permission, and continues to try to BE in your life, it is important to say to yourself – and to that person:

“HEY I never AGREED for this person to be in my life.
YOU need to go!”

Life is too short to have any people around us who we do NOT want in our lives.

This is not an exercise in ego. It is an exercise in truth and living with integrity.

Which brings me to my second Law.

The Law of Resistance
1.    Is someone often pushing or pulling at you
to get your attention?

2.    Are you often the person pushing or pulling at someone
to get their attention?

When there is a RESISTANCE of some kind like that, there is a need to evaluate whether or not a relationship or friendship has become/or was always only one-sided.

There is a simple test:
If one person is doing ALL the work to get some attention, then the relationship or friendship is NOT working.

If it is YOU trying to get someone’s attention all the time, ask yourself this:
”WHY is it so important to me to get this person’s attention?
If they WANTED me to be in their life, they would pay attention to me.”

You most likely have people who DO pay attention to you. Why not focus on the people who do so, who appreciate your presence in your life?

Forcing someone to pay attention to you only makes you feel more and more hurt feelings and resentments. Why should you have such bad feeling in your life? Focus on the people who ARE interested in you and who DO show they care about you.

If someone is pushing and pulling at you, time and time again to get YOUR attention, why are you NOT paying attention to them?

Do you have some unresolved feelings of guilt? Well, talk it out with them. You would be surprised how people will appreciate your honesty.

Are you simply busy? Or not paying attention due to other real-time demands? Then let them know – and let them know you will get back to them later, so they know you still want them to be in your life.

Is the relationship or friendship something you no longer want in your life?
Make a decision about what to do about that. And act on your decision.

Is it because you NEVER agreed to have this person in your life?

Well then, be CLEAR and DIRECT and tell them NO, you will not tolerate them in your life.

Sometimes being polite will not work with someone who refuses to get the message or who will misinterpret your politeness if you are not interested in them.


Life is too short to put up with anything else!

The energy you put into the relationships and friendships in your life are also crucial.

Which is where the final Law comes into effect.

The Law of Attraction

The energy you put into The Universe,
is the energy you get back from The Universe. Therefore:

1.    If you focus on the positive in your life,
positive energy comes back to you.
2.    If you focus on the negative in your life,
negative energy comes back to you.

Well I have been seeing this so very often. I have seen the direct, concrete results when I focus on the negative – the trials and tribulations of daily life and all that goes with it.

And I have seen the direct, concrete results when I focus on the positive – visualizing positive outcomes in challenging moments.

The Law of Attraction always works and works all of the time!

Like the Big Genie in the movie The Secret, The Universe says:
”Your wish is my command.”

So whatever positive or negative energy you’re focusing on, it never fails to come back to you!

And The Law Of Attraction is never more apparent but when it comes to relationships, friendships, and all the various people who cross your path.

When you look for the GOOD in people, you notice more and more of the GOOD in people.

When you expect the BAD from people, such as people letting you down and not being there for you, guess what you get back? More BAD from people. Why? Because that is what you notice and expect!

People who are pessimistic and expect people to use them and be untrustworthy, notice even more incidents of people using them and becoming untrustworthy.

If your heart is open and filled with LOVE, you will see what is BEAUTIFUL in every person who comes into – and is accepted into (again that AGREEMENT) –  and is in your life.

If you are stingy with your LOVE and expect people to pass all kinds of tests to “win” your love, you will get lots of people who you think are never “good enough” for you.

Want to change your energy from the negative to the positive?

Just for fun, try a little exercise:
The first person who crosses your path today, look deeply at them and find something BEAUTIFUL about them.
How does that make you feel?
Do you want more of that?

Well, apply that little exercise to every single person in your life!

The simple fact is that it is up to US to decide who and what we want in our lives.

Do you want to be happy?

Do you want to have a fair Agreement with every person and thing in your life? So that you benefit from their existence in your life?

Do you want to be fair to others and honor that Agreement you made to them, to hold up your end of the bargain?

Only YOU are responsible for deciding what kind of life you want to live!

As Mike Dooley says in both TUT(Totally Unique Thoughts).com and The Secret:

“Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!”

Anima Blue 😀

Manifesting What Is, Is Like Living With A Cat – and other funny things about the universe

Manifesting is HILARIOUS. Heee – la – reee – ous. Seriously.
Manifesting makes me giggle. Sometimes even, guffaw.
Most times just plain LOL – laugh out loud.

It’s just so funny, really. Why or how, you may ask?

Well, picture for a moment what it’s like to be a kid.

A kid who has just learned how to do something really neat and cool.
You know, who thens runs up to you, Mom or Dad, and says: “look what I can DO!”.

Now if you’re that little kid, odds are you’ll maybe clap your hands (or high five someone) and laugh with glee at the thrill of it. What an amazing WOW of a moment that is – to learn how to do something new, when you’re a kid.

It’s really neat. And that’s exactly how manifesting, and manifesting what is, feels like.  Übercool. And it’s so cool, odds are you’ll just laugh out loud at how neat it really is.

Now you’re porobably scratching your head about the “what is” part of manifesting that I’m talking about. What it means is to manifest what already exists.

I’ll explain a bit about how that is possible and how I’ve come to pratice this myself.

The past few months I have rather been AWOL in every sense.
I cut back on all the socializing and hosting and the so-called public life.

And I literally spent my time contemplating the Meaning of Life.

How did I do this? I listened to all the Conversations With God and watched and thought about What The Bleep Do We Know.

And absorbed all kinds of stuff about the Stuff that makes up the Universe.

That’s where I went on a manifesting kick. Manifesting in my very favorite way – through synchrolicious synchronicities. Well, I’ve been following those synchrolicious synchronicities pretty much all my life, so that comes naturally to me.

But hoo boy! Those synchrolicious synchronicities have been zooming around me these past few waves on lots of ridiculously abundant – and often the silliest – of ways. All of which has been cool and fun.

You know there are 2 ways to Manifest What IS:

  1. The Tougher, Thoughtful & Thought-filled Way
  2. The Lazybones No Brainer Way

With Numero Uno, you focus on visualizing and creating what you want to appear in your life. Your authentic self, your dream career, the love of your life, the abundance of abundance that you seek. See this is tougher ’cause you have to figure out what exactly that is to begin with. You may or may not have a clue right now. But eventually you will.

Now with Door Number 2, you can sit back and relax. It involves paying attention to something that is already in your environment. Try that now. Look around, let a few thoughts trickle through your brain. And then pick one thing or person. Pay attention to it. It’s shape, the colours, the sound, the taste. How it makes you feel. What does it remind you of? Whatever it is – keep it right in your mind for one FULL mindful moment.

And then let it go. Go about your merry way and continue with your life.

Now see if it appears in your life again.

I’ll give you one example that happened to me.

I was watching Drew Barrymore being interviewed on TV and my mind focused on one thing she talked about – starring in Firestarter. Now that’s not a movie you hear often talked about from her career. I then looked away and went back to the book I was reading. I turned the page, and low and behold the book referenced Drew Barrymore talking about Firestarter. This book had nothing to do with Hollywood, movies, or anything like that.

Poof! There you have it – one synchrolicious synchronicity manifested!

So let’s go on to the next step of this What IS business.

When we manifest, we manifest what already is. It already exists.

You see, the Universe contains a million million million possibilities.
The Universe is all made up of the same Stuff. You, me, bananas, Punk Rock music, mountains and rocks, the sun and moon, the colour blue, everything. We are made of the same essential Stuff.

The question is really not how to create in order to manifest – but how to release, the energy in the Universe, that already contains that reality. Nothing needs to be created. It already exists. In you, me, everything else I just mentioned, because we all contain the same Stuff.

Sounds crazy? Kooky? Whacked out maybe? Maybe.

But I figure if you’re reading my blog, you already know this is a place where we talk about possibilities.

Now Einstein was hip to this, with his famous formula: E = mc2.

You can go read up about it here. I won’t go into details, but it brings up matter and energy being equal to each other (vast simplification on my part).

And that’s where Living With A Cat appears.

I’d like to think it’s the “c” dimension hidden in Einstein’s formula, in a metamorphic way.

But I was thinking about how to describe Manifesting What Is and it hit me that it’s just like living with a cat.

There are 4 possibilities to do with relating to cats, and these directly correlate to different steps of manifesting:

  1. Living With A Cat – constantly manifesting what is
  2. Occasionally visiting a cat or two – occasionally manifesting what is
  3. Thinking about cats – thinking about manifesting, not quite ready to live with a cat or manifest, but open to the idea
  4. Not wanting anything to do with cats – being in denial about the power of manifesting.

But why did I pick cats? Well, for one thing I’ve had cats on the brain lately.

Seeing friends’ cats, pictures of cats, contemplating Schrödinger’s cat,  thinking about the catness of cats in general and what cat energy is like.

What happens when you come into contact with a cat?

Well, you usually end up with being covered with the catness of cats, their cat hairs, and their cat energy. The more time you spend with a cat, the more the cat will be drawn to you like a magnet. Because it senses it’s own catness and cat energy on you. And the more time you spend with a cat, the more attached you become to the cat, petting it and absorbing more and more catness and cat energy. Basically, slowly you turn into a happy cat yourself, in a way. Happy cats are good cats. 🙂

So imagine if you came into contact with manifesting energy in the same way. The more you manifest and surround yourself with manifesting energy, the more you attract manifesting energy.

Law of Attraction. That’s what you got.

Hmmm. Betcha won’t look at your cat the same way now.
And yes – I do need to get myself a cat.

I love manifesting AND cats.
Makes me wonder what cats themselves manifest.

Anima Blue 😀

Video Montage: The Flow
Following the flow of the universe, with a photo montage I created. The song is "Twisted Hair" by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble, featuring the sublime operatic voice of Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sings over the sound of crickets.
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