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A Light Touch / A Touch of Light

This phrase kept playing around in my head this week.

I like the play on the word “light”. A light touch. A gentle touch. Feather-soft. Tender touch. The brush of one hand on another saying “happy to see you”. A tough of light. A sharing between two friends, between two people who care about each other. Sharing soul food for thought. Sharing thoughts of love. Sharing something that warms your heart and soul. Bringing some light into your daily life.

I experienced both this week in so many small yet wonderful ways.

I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in many months during one of my weekly outings and we were both so happy to see each other. She took her hand in mine and smiled as she told me how good it was to see me again, as I told her the same. We exchanged numbers and suggested going for coffee.

This week, I ran into another friend online, a friend I hadn’t chatted with in months as well. What a wonderful thing it is to hear a friend tell you, “I really miss you my friend” and “Love you”. How I missed him too, this extraordinary, wise young man who had brought some beautiful light into my life, and still does.

And then I received a very special touch of light in my day: a letter from my dad.

Yes, a real, hand-written, airmailed letter from my dad that came from far across an ocean. I hadn’t received a letter from my dad in ages. I had called my dad a few weeks ago, after not having talked in some time. And I had asked my dad to write me a letter, as I know he’s not one to call. So I was super happy to see my dad had followed up.

My dad’s letter was such a special treat for me, that I carried it around all day, not wanting to open it just yet because I wanted to prolong the anticipation and excitement it gave me to open it.

My dad’s letter, filled with light and filled with love.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the special people I know who live far away, who have touched my life and who have a special place in my heart. Maybe that thought has been my mind because of these light connections this week. But also because a dear friend of mine told me recently she will be moving away, due to a great opportunity that crossed her path. I know that we will do our very best to maintain and nurture our connection. She’s someone special who has brought light into my life every time I’ve seen her, talked to her or emailed her. She’s just that kind of lightbearer who makes the people around her feel that way.

It’s such a gift to have a light touch and a touch of light in our lives, n’est-ce-pas?

Anima Blue 🙂


Reconnecting The Soulful Dots

Lately my mind has been occupied with one of my favorite activities: counting my blessings.

And when I count my blessings, the very special people in my life, who have crossed my path, are at the top of the list.

This past week, I tasted the tastiest soul food of hearing from not one, but 5 people who all hold a special place in my heart. Five souls that I lost touch with who I was so very happy to hear from again.

One was a dear friend I studied with many moons ago, who moved so very far away. A soul-sister with whom I used to share little haikus, silly little doodles, and moments of mindfulness. Another soul sister whose beautifully generous spirit I shared soul-nourishing alternative books and philosophies and a tender softness that comes with the best hugs. Another was my one & only treasured childhood friend that I still keep in touch with. The one I shared the madness of teen years with, and decade after decade of life-changing events. Another was a special young man, who sadly had moved to Toronto sometime ago. A young man filled with such a bright light and wisdom and love. And another special young man who is a very talented photographer. The young man who took my very mischievous portrait picture that grace a few of my websites.

Ah what goodness, what light from them all.

My day was made all the brighter from hearing from each of them.

And hearing from them made me think of all the areas of my life where I have been blessed with the connections that feed my soul.

All those Positive People in Toronto & all over the world who shared this spiritual journey with me.

The wonderfully eclectic collection of wonderful new friends I´ve made from the many events I´ve hosted & attended in my ever-busy social life.

The dear friend I found again after 10 years of searching. So far away across an ocean but so often in my thoughts.

My best buddy with whom I shared a night of sci-fi movie goodness and most excellent cheese, not too long ago.

My dear dad. Much too far away from me, who is in my heart and thoughts every day.

It is time to catch up with all my emails, all my phone calls, all my messages, with all the soulfully-rich people who have touched & blessed my life.

Video Montage: The Flow
Following the flow of the universe, with a photo montage I created. The song is "Twisted Hair" by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble, featuring the sublime operatic voice of Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sings over the sound of crickets.
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