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*Being* In The Flow & 3 Universal Laws: Agreement, Resistance, and Attraction

For some time I have been turning pieces of this blog around in my mind.

I came up with 3 Universal Laws, which shape my very own day-to-day life, and Laws which I see others struggling with, in their own lives. The lives of my loved ones, the lives of strangers. Laws of the Universe that truly apply to everyone, wherever they may be on their Life Path.

Two Laws are laws I have coined myself:
The Law of Agreement
The Law of Resistance

You may find other versions of them on the Internet. But I have specifically coined them for behaviors and relationships I have experienced in my life – and witnessed in the lives of others.

And a very popular and well-known Law of The Universe:
The Law of Attraction

Well that has existed since the beginning of Time. I myself have decided to apply that particular law since 2011. Especially after having absorbed the many lessons in The Secret, and manifesting great abundance and precious moments in my life.

*BEING* In The Flow

What do these 3 Laws have to do with *being* in the flow?
What do I mean by *being* in the flow?

It is a simple thing really.

You are *being* in the flow when everything in your life falls into place.

You are learning the lessons you need to learn, in order to evolve as a human being and soul traveler. You are living in the NOW. You appreciate the lessons that the past taught you, but are happy to leave the past in the past. You are neither fearing nor anticipating the future. You trust that The Universe will unfold a future just as it should unfold.

Every person who enters and stays in your life, feels right and right for you. You appreciate each other, when you are *being* in the flow.

The flow is the flow of time, of place, of existence.

Many synchrolicious synchronicities may be happening while you are being in the flow. Those precious moments make your heart smile and make you feel blessed.

And now onto the 3 Laws.

Really, all the relationships you have with people in your life have these 3 elements involved.

The Law Of Agreement
1.    In order for something to exist in your life,
you made an agreement for it to be in your life
2.    In order for someone to exist in your life,
you made an agreement with each other to be in each other’s lives.

Things exist in your life, for better or worse.

Happy things come into your life with your embracing them, of course.

But sometimes, things become unhealthy addictions (ie food, drugs, alcohol) that can plague you. But yet they still remain. Why? Because there is a part of you who still gets a hit or fix, from it existing in your life. As long as one little part of you still embraces it, you will continue to embrace your agreement with its existence.

But YOU can choose to say NO to that thing. But you must be sure to remove every little part of the you that embraces it. You can banish it once & for all by simply BREAKING that Agreement. Say: “NO, I do not agree to your existence in my life!” Not easy perhaps. But it is your CHOICE.

We also make Agreements with each and EVERY ONE of the people in our lives.

Yes, even with FAMILY. What, you may say, I was BORN into this family, I didn’t choose them? Well, that is a subject for another blog – choosing your earth family.

But you DO make an Agreement to have family members in your lives.

YOU always have a choice whether to allow someone to be in your life. Just as they also choose to have you in their life.

Time and time again, I have seen people being angry and hurt with various people in their lives. Family. Lovers. Friends. And more.

But they forget that there is an Agreement in effect.

YOU can choose each person in your life. YOU can also choose the nature of the Agreement that exists between you both! WHAT do you want to share with this person? Does this person still add positive value to your daily life? Are they good to you? Do they appreciate you? Do you appreciate them?

EACH person is responsible for creating – and maintaining – a relationship with another human being.

Are you both still living up to that Agreement? Take a little test once in awhile of the relationship. Does it still benefit both of you?

When a relationship becomes one-sided or unbalanced, it is time to take a hard look and make a decision about whether you will tolerate its continued existence in your life.

We all need to do this. I do it with every relationship or friendship in my life. And I am brutally honest with my own self in the process. In what relationships have I broken our mutual Agreement?

Now if someone comes into your life WITHOUT your permission, and continues to try to BE in your life, it is important to say to yourself – and to that person:

“HEY I never AGREED for this person to be in my life.
YOU need to go!”

Life is too short to have any people around us who we do NOT want in our lives.

This is not an exercise in ego. It is an exercise in truth and living with integrity.

Which brings me to my second Law.

The Law of Resistance
1.    Is someone often pushing or pulling at you
to get your attention?

2.    Are you often the person pushing or pulling at someone
to get their attention?

When there is a RESISTANCE of some kind like that, there is a need to evaluate whether or not a relationship or friendship has become/or was always only one-sided.

There is a simple test:
If one person is doing ALL the work to get some attention, then the relationship or friendship is NOT working.

If it is YOU trying to get someone’s attention all the time, ask yourself this:
”WHY is it so important to me to get this person’s attention?
If they WANTED me to be in their life, they would pay attention to me.”

You most likely have people who DO pay attention to you. Why not focus on the people who do so, who appreciate your presence in your life?

Forcing someone to pay attention to you only makes you feel more and more hurt feelings and resentments. Why should you have such bad feeling in your life? Focus on the people who ARE interested in you and who DO show they care about you.

If someone is pushing and pulling at you, time and time again to get YOUR attention, why are you NOT paying attention to them?

Do you have some unresolved feelings of guilt? Well, talk it out with them. You would be surprised how people will appreciate your honesty.

Are you simply busy? Or not paying attention due to other real-time demands? Then let them know – and let them know you will get back to them later, so they know you still want them to be in your life.

Is the relationship or friendship something you no longer want in your life?
Make a decision about what to do about that. And act on your decision.

Is it because you NEVER agreed to have this person in your life?

Well then, be CLEAR and DIRECT and tell them NO, you will not tolerate them in your life.

Sometimes being polite will not work with someone who refuses to get the message or who will misinterpret your politeness if you are not interested in them.


Life is too short to put up with anything else!

The energy you put into the relationships and friendships in your life are also crucial.

Which is where the final Law comes into effect.

The Law of Attraction

The energy you put into The Universe,
is the energy you get back from The Universe. Therefore:

1.    If you focus on the positive in your life,
positive energy comes back to you.
2.    If you focus on the negative in your life,
negative energy comes back to you.

Well I have been seeing this so very often. I have seen the direct, concrete results when I focus on the negative – the trials and tribulations of daily life and all that goes with it.

And I have seen the direct, concrete results when I focus on the positive – visualizing positive outcomes in challenging moments.

The Law of Attraction always works and works all of the time!

Like the Big Genie in the movie The Secret, The Universe says:
”Your wish is my command.”

So whatever positive or negative energy you’re focusing on, it never fails to come back to you!

And The Law Of Attraction is never more apparent but when it comes to relationships, friendships, and all the various people who cross your path.

When you look for the GOOD in people, you notice more and more of the GOOD in people.

When you expect the BAD from people, such as people letting you down and not being there for you, guess what you get back? More BAD from people. Why? Because that is what you notice and expect!

People who are pessimistic and expect people to use them and be untrustworthy, notice even more incidents of people using them and becoming untrustworthy.

If your heart is open and filled with LOVE, you will see what is BEAUTIFUL in every person who comes into – and is accepted into (again that AGREEMENT) –  and is in your life.

If you are stingy with your LOVE and expect people to pass all kinds of tests to “win” your love, you will get lots of people who you think are never “good enough” for you.

Want to change your energy from the negative to the positive?

Just for fun, try a little exercise:
The first person who crosses your path today, look deeply at them and find something BEAUTIFUL about them.
How does that make you feel?
Do you want more of that?

Well, apply that little exercise to every single person in your life!

The simple fact is that it is up to US to decide who and what we want in our lives.

Do you want to be happy?

Do you want to have a fair Agreement with every person and thing in your life? So that you benefit from their existence in your life?

Do you want to be fair to others and honor that Agreement you made to them, to hold up your end of the bargain?

Only YOU are responsible for deciding what kind of life you want to live!

As Mike Dooley says in both TUT(Totally Unique Thoughts).com and The Secret:

“Thoughts become things… choose the good ones!”

Anima Blue 😀


Strange Cravings In the Night

Tonight, I have this strange craving all of a sudden.

I’m craving a cigarette – real bad.
Now that is SO weird for me, on so many levels.

The last time I smoked was maybe exactly, ten years ago.

During the last of my university days, while I was a nervous student studying for finals. Well, one of my friends smoked (which was a rare thing in itself – I almost never had friends that smoked), and I started bumming ciggies off her once in awhile. And then I started buying my own packs. But I wasn’t much of a smoker, for the brief period of time that I did smoke back then. Must have been for about 2 whole months. I would buy a pack and it would last a week, with ciggies left over. The pack would go stale – just to show you how long it took for me to get through it.

Anyhoo, back in those days my biggest peer pressure were friends telling me NOT to smoke. And when my dad found out that I smoked – boy did he ever go through the roof. He literally gave me daily lectures about smoking until the day I quit.

And then one day I decided to quit. Funny how the details of that last hour that a cigarette was in my hands stayed in my head.

I was walking along de Maisonneuve street, across from Concordia’s Hall building almost to Guy metro, when I ran into this guy in front of the old Multimag store (where they opened a new Thai resto recently it seems).

Now I thought this guy was maybe a panhandler about to ask me for some cash, although he didn’t look too bad. Didn’t have that complete “street” look to him yet. But much to my surprise he had a different pitch to give me when I stopped to listen to him.

So I just happened to be the first smoker to cross his path (and I was literally smoking my last cigarette – I had sworn to myself it would be the last one) right when HE had decided he was giving up smoking. So he came up to me and BEGGED me to take his last pack of cigarettes because he had to give it up. I explained that I didn’t want it, that I was having my own last smoke. But he told me he was putting his pack down (on some pole or something nearby) and that I could take it – he would just leave it there. And he walked away.

Well, I was just amazed at the timing of this thing. I mean, what could be a clearer sign that I needed to quit?  Oh I guess this would have been a good entry for my synchronicity blog…lol

So I smoked my last smoke and managed to walk away from the siren song of a free pack of fresh smokes and called a friend and told her. Well, she was a big champion of the anti-smoking campaign and said GOOD. She certainly was happy to hear I quit and heeded the signs as well.

And I never had a smoke after that. Although I’ve had the odd craving over the years.

So why am I craving a smoke right now??

These days I am SO not a fan of smoke. I find it hard to be near smoke from cigarettes and the like, most of the time.

But I am craving it.

Hmmm where are those baby carrots when you need them??

My Spiritual Self

Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) – Heaven/Where True Love Goes

Well, with a name like Anima Blue, how can I not talk about my spiritual self?

A friend from my past who shares my Italian heritage described my nickname best: the blue poetic soul. Yes, that sums up what Anima Blue means to me, very well.

I have a curious soul and curious beliefs.

Beliefs like no other because they are a strange amalgamation of many different spiritual influences that crossed my path over the years. From the friends I made, of many different faiths. Of men I dated as well. Of posting in spiritual forums over the years out of curiosity to learn about others. Facebook has been a tremendous tool to nurture my spiritual growth. The Facebook group I started there – Synchronicity & *Being* In The Flow – was the thirsty earth that nourished so many wonderful sharing spiritual partnerships from the people who stopped on by.

So what are my spiritual beliefs?

Oh a good dose of generic Christian, with some Buddhist thoughts thrown in. Bits and pieces of other faiths and belief systems. I am fascinated by all faiths and believe all faiths have some core of goodness in them. Like the universal belief in LOVE.

Yes, Love. I added a video to this post because I find this beautiful song from Yusuf Islam (formerly known as Cat Stevens) so eloquently illustrates how there is Love within all faiths that believe in a Higher Power.

Do I believe in God? Well yes I do. Do I pray? How do I pray? Very personal questions, aren’t they? Well, I am not one to be a crusader and go forth to convert the multitudes into what I personally believe in. That would be hard to do for the simple fact that my spiritual beliefs are complex – yet so simple – but are hard to explain. Which is why I am kind of going round in circles here.

So this is how my spirituality manifests in me. I don’t know go to a church every Sunday. I stopped doing that when I was nine years old, mostly out of contrariness I think. Yes, stubbornness definitely runs in my family. I got a double dose from both parents.

Occasionally, sometimes a few times a year, on a good year, maybe at least once a month or more, I’ll stop in a church somewhere and pray. And sit for awhile. And get on my knees and recite some of the childhood prayers that I still remember. I’ll usually light a candle or two, for the loved ones that I have lost.

But often-times, this is how I pray. You know how sometimes you pick up the phone or dash off an email to a friend because you just remembered something you wanted to share, or you wanted some advice? Well that’s kind of how I pray. My conversations with God are simply a never-ending dialogue that start and stop when I remember. In good times and in bad. I try to remember to give thanks.

One thing I know is that God lives in my heart. I feel God’s presence most in those moments when I am feeling the most love.

So for me – God is LOVE. Simple as that.

Video Montage: The Flow
Following the flow of the universe, with a photo montage I created. The song is "Twisted Hair" by Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble, featuring the sublime operatic voice of Sioux singer Bonnie Jo Hunt, who sings over the sound of crickets.
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